Ylang Ylang Basics

Please note that I am not a medical professional, and these tips should not be used as a replacement for a physician or medical professional. I hope you enjoy this article and find some guidance and help to better your physical, spiritual and mental health.

Ylang ylang is one of my favorite essential oils, mostly because of it's calming effects and the amazing effects Ylang Ylang has for our skin and our hair! Ylang ylang has been shown to work as a sedative, which helps us with our anxiety and helps us to relax and calm down. This combination also helps us with our mental health, as relieving anxiety can often times help prevent or alleviate depression as they do tend to go together.

Ylang ylang is also a great anti-inflammatory oil, as well as anti-fungal and anti-microbial, while also working to help alleviate pain. Ylang ylang is also rumoured to be an aphrodisiac,  Ylang ylang really is a wonderful powerful essential oil, and is used in many perfumes for its wonderful scent.

The main reason I enjoy Ylang ylang is for my hair and skin, as Ylang Ylang helps our body regulate the natural oil secretions from our skin, which helps facilitate a healthy scalp and skin. I struggle with greasy skin and hair, so having this oil in my cabinet has been beneficial to me.

I also suffer from endometriosis, and Ylang ylang has been an oil I have used to help treat the pain from endometriosis, as well as from normal period cramps. I like to use Ylang ylang specifically in bath oils, perfume and holistic treatments.


Ylang Ylang for spiritual health.

Ylang Ylang is truly a powerful oil, as it can be used to assist with balancing and healing all of our chakras.  If you struggle with meditation, specifically quieting your mind, ylang ylang is a perfect oil to use.  Ylang ylang helps facilitate attraction and self love for ourselves, as well as for our partners. Because ylang ylang is such a versatile and powerful oil, I like to express deep respect and gratitude for all assistance this oil brings into my life.

Ylang ylang is an important oil to have in our collections. When we work with ylang ylang, it is best to set our intentions immediately upon working with the oil. Be clear and concise about what help you would prefer ylang ylang to help you with. Ylang ylang just works best when intentions are clear and respect is given, so be sure to be respectful and grateful for the assistance you receive, even if you don't feel as though it "did anything".

Ylang ylang and Meditation

Ylang ylang works to help relax our minds and quiet our thoughts. Ylang ylang is a mild sedative, which assists us with our anxiety and stress. By using ylang ylang before meditations we can help activate our crown chakra. Ylang ylang vibrates at a higher frequency than we do, so when we work with this oil we can feel more relaxed and more intune with our souls and Divine energy.

Ylang ylang can be used in meditation through diffusion, topical application, and as a bath oil. My personal favorite is a bath oil, as I can wash my hair in the oil and receive all the benefits of ylang ylang.


Ylang ylang for relationships

Ylang ylang is an aphrodisiac, but my favorite use for this oil isn't for sexual desires, but more so for finding self love and beauty from within. By mixing ylang ylang into a bath oil, I set my intentions for either deep meditation, self love, or both! Ylang ylang is a wonderful oil to have on hand for those self care days, when we aren't really feeling up to our best or when we don't feel "sexy" or worthy of love.  By using this oil in a bath blend with lavender, cedarwood, and bergamot we can find relief in how busy our minds can be and find some powerful relaxation and meditative states.

By doing these self care routines, we can become better partners, friends, and people. These oils all work to raise our vibrations and help us to find love for ourselves and those around us.


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