Virgo Monthly Forecast | The Beginnings of Harvest

Integration is vital as we enter into the harvest season and late summer months. With the intense energies flowing through Creation, we can find ourselves struggling to maintain centeredness and stability; in any of the four aspects of our wellness: spiritual, emotional, mental, and/or physical. This will likely lead to feelings of instability, anxiety, lack, scarcity, and overwhelm.

It is during these periods where I deeply enjoy taking these moments of instability, and turning them into serious, deep, spiritual lessons. This life is what you make of it, and you can choose to ignore these lessons (Which is way more fun!) or you can choose to integrate lessons from all aspects of your life (not fun), allowing you to learn from everything you do, not just cherry picking the "good" lessons you believe will bring you happiness, abundance, or fulfillment.

You will get what you put into it.

Some of us will likely be experiencing harvests that are way below our expectations, especially physically speaking within our farm and ranch communities. It's during these times that it's the hardest to maintain our faith, as all hope can seem lost. No matter how abundant your harvest maybe, remember we are in a spiritual war, we have been since 2018. Everything we are experiencing is a test upon our faith and our virtue. Our ability to love our spouses and our lives when they are less than ideal. Each and every person in this existence is experiencing their own troubles, pains, and lessons. Stay in your lane, no matter how frustrating it might be. Focus on you, focus on strengthening your spiritual wellness and your faith, and The Creator will reward you. Just might not be where you were hoping it would come from.

Virgo energy is bringing in some emotional imbalances in a few of us. Some are going to see instabilities in finances, as the collective energies will begin shifting turbulently to  find temperance and natural centeredness; adjusting to the new frequencies established during this last portal shift.  (If you were unable to check out my free live Fire Circle initiating and activating the Lions Gate Portal within, you can view the recording with a premium membership here.)

This energy, although chaotic, welcomes in opportunities for future growth and development, the turbulence ushering what is no longer serving your life path. Some of us this might mean our livelihood burns to the ground around us, our spouse leaves,  and we might just quit our jobs on a whim. But these things must happen. Instead of resisting the changes and weights that are pressing down upon you, step aside. Allow the tower to fall without crushing you within the rubble.

It's important that we keep our ego's in check, maintaining a healthy balance of confidence and humility in all we do. If we don't, expect the Creator to knock you down a peg or two!!

Big Challenges for Virgo Season:

  1. Preparing to harvest the what we have sown into Creation. '
    Preparing your energy and clearing out what is no longer serving
  2. Integrating our shadow work, energetic work, self reflections, lessons, and karmic experiences into our consciousness.
    This is tracked through our behavioral changes, habits, thoughts, perspectives, and opinions.
  3. Releasing Anxiety & Nervousness.
  4. Maintaining balance within our ego and our humility
    Root, Solar Plexus & Crown Chakras
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Victoria Dellapaolera
Victoria is a Christian minister practicing spiritual healing and development in Williston, North Dakota. Victoria has worked with horses her entire life, and has learned many of her healing techniques from the horses. She graduated from West Virginia University in 2020 Magna Cum Laude with a bachelors degree in Human Services and Sports and Exercise Psychology; gaining her associates degree in Farm and Ranch Management and Equitation from Dawson Community College in Glendive, Montana in 2012.. Victoria received her shamanic rites in 2018, after spending the majority of her life with the spirit of the horse learning the basics of communication, healing, and intuition.
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