Taking Time To Rest

Spiritual Rest

Journeying through life is a daunting task. In order for us to achieve what we desire in this life, it requires motivation, grit, and hard work. Although the task of finding our paths and pursuing our passions can seem endless, when we learn to utilize rest properly, finding our path becomes a much easier and enjoyable task.

Resting is vital to growth, no matter if that growth is spiritual, physical, mental or emotional; resting is required in order for the full experience to be absorbed into our consciousness and utilized to its fullest potential. Resting allows us to enter into a state of relaxation which allows us to begin the healing process.

Healing isn’t a simple task, and it becomes an even more complex task if we are constantly pushing ourselves, in a fight or flight mindset, or simply stressed! By taking time to rest, we are giving ourselves a beautiful gift of healing for our soul, as well as our mind and body!

We are transitioning into a new phase of life, and with these transitions comes learning, discovery, and the need to rest. While walking this path as a spiritual healer, I have had numerous periods where I have to rest for extended periods of time. This resting is necessary for me to truly digest and comprehend the messages I am receiving from the Creator, and helps me to best utilize these gifts.

Through my work with people from around the world, I have come to the conclusion that very few people are truly resting. Although we may not be expending physical energy, if we aren’t resting the mind and participating in activities that fill our souls with joy, we aren’t truly resting. I think that most of us can relate to this, especially during those times where we just “hang out” for a weekend, yet Monday morning comes around and you are still exhausted!!

This is because we aren’t truly resting! We maybe resting our physical bodies (such as our muscles and joints etc) we aren’t resting our minds. We are still focused on our stressors, which means our MINDS are not resting. We are still expending energy, we are GIVING our energy away to these stressors, for absolutely no reason.

Through my short life, I have learned a few things. I have learned what I must hold onto in this life, and what I must let go of. This was a very difficult thing for me to do, mainly because I am a people pleaser. I can tend to have a bleeding heart, and try to help each and every person that comes along- even if they don’t want my help.  I used to struggle with creating this boundary on when I am supposed to help, and when I am supposed to stay silent.

Today I am going to share with you a small secret I have discovered while trying to determine which stressors I must carry daily, and which ones I need to release and let go of-

Each evening as I am laying in bed after a long day, I say a small prayer asking the Creator to take away the stressors that I no longer need to be carrying. Taking four long, deep breaths, I begin focusing on my energy. Through practice, you will begin to determine which energy is yours, and which energy you are carrying for other people.

I give this energy to the Creator, and I ask him to return to me what energy I must continue to carry. In the morning when I begin my day, I pay little mind to the meditation or prayer I said the night before. I simply get back to the tasks at hand, and pickup right where I have let off. I have never had the Creator remove something from me that was important, vital, or crucial to my safety, happiness, or security in this life. Part of this practice requires us to have faith and trust in the Creator, that what is needed shall be returned to you.

Work on creating a routine or prayer that helps you find true rest in your life. I have found that doing these prayers on our drive home from work can be great if you tend to carry your stress into your family time, or immediately before falling asleep for the night. Doing this before bedtime helps get a great night of sleep!

Victoria Dellapaolera
Victoria Dellapaolera

Victoria is a Christian minister practicing spiritual healing and development in Williston, North Dakota. Victoria has worked with horses her entire life, and has learned many of her healing techniques from the horses.

She graduated from West Virginia University in 2020 Magna Cum Laude with a bachelors degree in Human Services and Sports and Exercise Psychology; gaining her associates degree in Farm and Ranch Management and Equitation from Dawson Community College in Glendive, Montana in 2012.

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