Spiritual Memberships

No matter how long we have been on our spiritual journey, we can experience times of confusion, darkness, despair and end up wandering through our lives.

I created these membership subscriptions to help seekers of all stages dive into the depths of their inner self. Each membership offers additional support. My most popular membership, The Cedar Membership, offers a monthly 1:1 coaching session at no extra cost. This 1:1 coaching is $50 ala carte- but is included in this membership to help build discipline, accountability, and the ability to spiritual self reflect. This membership is wonderful for those hoping to dive a little deeper into their spiritual practice, but aren’t quiet ready to fully commit to a devoted spiritual lifestyle

For those on the sacred path to awakening their consciousness, elevating their frequency, and transmuting the energy around them, The Sage Membership is perfect. In this membership we work to build a devoted spiritual practice that is authentic to you and your faith which is vital to your alignment to your unique frequency. This membership helps you adjust to a rigorous spiritual lifestyle through weekly coaching, intuitive journaling, establishment of a personal Sadhana practice, and soul searching through the joy of meditation. This membership is perfect for anyone who wishes to rise to their full potential for their highest good, and for their communities that which surround them.

Tight on cash? Or maybe you’re just not sure about all this spiritual hippie stuff yet?

Check out my Yucca Membership, which is free, and gives you access to my private article collection. These writings are documentations of my journey through my final awakening.

Many find comfort in these writings, and if this feels like the right fit for you, then I hope you find comfort in them as well. When the times right, I hope to see you in a Fire Circle to share with you these wonderful gifts I’ve been given.


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