Spiritual Memberships

Spiritual journeys are hard. In today's society, we are left without the guidance and assistance we would had received from our communities and leaders. This leaves us feeling lost, alone and confused on our paths.

I'm here to help, but in order to do so I must provide for my family. To help solve this problem, I created these membership plans. In addition to the free Facebook Community (Soul of the Badlands Collective), I have created avenues for those who are searching for answers can receive them, and I can afford to dedicate the time necessary to help educate and assist those who are searching.

There are two memberships, and I have structured this so that everyone, no matter their budget, can receive the guidance they need while still supporting me and my family.

As we begin our journeys, can feel lost, out of balance and unsure about where we can learn more about spirituality and the effects it has on our psyche. Even with meditation resources, it can be hard to learn how to meditate, and even harder to meditate without a guide! From the basic yucca membership to the in depth buffalo membership; the resources are here to help you grow and discover your greatest potentials.

This membership group offers additional resources including access to my entire meditation gallery which is growing each month, as well as bonus episodes, articles and exclusive content to help us grow and learn on our spiritual path.