Disconnect and Spiritual Awakening


There is something truly magical about looking out over your life, and appreciating the true glory that surrounds you. This feeling of pure appreciation and gratitude isn't forced, it's not something you are mindful of and training your brain to think or how to behave. Because true gratitude is something that comes from our souls, not our minds.

Looking back over my past, I remember what it was like to be disconnected from my soul. I remember what it was like to be so focused on my goals, so focused on what others thought of me and so focused on "being successful" in life, which automatically linked up to "being wealthy". All of these desires, all of these really toxic obsessions blinded me to the reality of what it means to be alive. This last month, I put out my first Reiki course, and in that Reiki course I began to discuss the reasons why we should practice Reiki in our lives.

Reiki is the energy of our souls. Reiki is the life force energy of the universe, and without using Reiki, it is incredibly harder to reach a deeper consciousness or being. Without this understanding, we don't truly understand who we are, or what we are passionate about. Like a tree on the prairie amidst a summer thunder storm, we are quickly uprooted and tossed aside; simply because we lack the ability to dive our roots deeper into the ground. And with this inability to dive deeper into the soil and establish a firm foundation of who we are, deeper into our souls, we are weakened in our faith and succumb to the strongest desire that comes our way.

This is why we struggle with our root chakra and wrath in our lives. This is why we struggle with the foundation of who we are, and what our purpose is on this Earth. When we become aware of our shortfalls, we become better able to navigate through them and grow as individuals.

The Shallows Of Our Souls

When we are stuck in the shallows of our souls, and not reaching or diving deeper and deeper into the depths of our consciousness, we are missing thousands of opportunities at every moment. When we are so focused on getting that next adrenaline hit, making that next paycheck, buying that new car... When we are so focused on these material, short term and egotistical aspects of life, we miss the deeper and more meaningful reasons of life. The reasons that truly make you happy.

The shallows of our souls are the easy places for us to reside. They protect us from the fears of the unknown, and the dark depths of your own self.  These shallows of our souls are so easy to spot once you become aware of them, once you acknowledge them and accept them into who you are. The first and most harmful to our health being gluttony. The overconsumptions of food, alcohol, drugs and of course, materialistic obsessions are all tied in with our crown chakra and our ego. This is the hardest aspect to over come for many people, because it requires us to let go of the possessions and comforts that gluttony brings us, while also gathering temperance and strength.

Another shallow of the soul that works to inhibit us from diving deeper into the depths of ourselves is greed. The illusions of happiness and success drive this excessive pursuit of wealth and possessions, all of which are just an illusion to hide the inability to feel or exist on a deeper level than on the surface. This illusion is associated not only with the third eye chakra, but also with the crown chakra as it has a strong influence on our ego and the connection with the Divine.


The next shallow is the overall laziness and inability or desire to express ones natural abilities. We were given our gifts from God to share, but often times doing this is full of unknowns and fear. It's easier to appear lazy and avoid what makes us uncomfortable, than it is to face the challenges that can come when we embrace these gifts and talents. Another aspect to consider when we look at this area of our lives as the part that is holding us back, is the perceptions we have on HOW we are to express our gratitude. We can express our gratitude for life by living life. By experiencing everything that life has to offer, and using our gifts to provide for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

We have all heard the phrase "green with envy" right? So it is really no surprise that envy is associated with the heart chakra (Read more about this association here) This envy is the jealousy that we have for other peoples success, materialistic possessions or basically, anything someone else has that we wish we wanted!! The true cure for envy, is kindness; both of which exist in our heart chakra. A lot of times we can experience this overbearing need to shove our kindness or love into other peoples faces, (we all know that one girl who does this right? It's annoying) and more often than not, her real motivation for being the way she is, is because of this little green monster existing within her consciousness or subconscious that is causing her to react out of either insecurity, guilt, shame, or just overall "fake" intentions. This can tie in with pride, which isn't surprising as our heart chakra and our solar plexus chakras are often times working in unison.

Our pride is fairly self explanatory right? When our pride is keeping us from reaching the true depths of our souls, we begin to view ourselves as superior to others, over confident, and often times without regards to others around us. We can struggle with being a bully or "head strong" and become a bit too arrogant to be truly healthy.  This is one of the hardest chakras or aspects of ourselves to work on, because many people who struggle with their pride, also struggle with their egos. And when we experience these two in unison with each other, we can have a hard time realizing when we need to change and when we need help doing so.

Lust holds us back from our depths of our souls by making us not only blind to what we have (or could potentially have) by welcoming in negative desires, self sabotage and regrets. Let's just be honest here and get right to the real talk, this aspect that holds us in the shallows is the most dangerous. It is the most dangerous because of the power that lust can hold over us, and our innate abilities to try and justify our lust. The most dangerous aspect of this challenge, is we will try and justify the lust as "expanding" ourselves, as if we are truly finding ourselves in this item or person we are lusting for. Therefor, because we are "diving deeper into ourselves" we are actually developing. No. Wrong. Our sacral chakra is associated with our sexual desires, desires in general and creation. So we can see here how lust can negatively affect this chakra, causing it to be either extremely over active (sexually acting out) or underactive (infidelity).

You have to understand the difference between love and lust. If you are truly in love with someone, and they feel the same way about you and want to see you succeed with you by their said (as in a romantic relationship) then you are in love. But if you are just craving their attention, their fixation upon you (or visa versa) this is keeping you from truly diving deep into not only you, but your partner as well.  Lust is one of the most dangerous aspects of the self, because it is very, very good at painting the illusion that you are "awakening" or "ascending", but in reality you are drowning in three inches of water, and telling yourself you're exploring the ocean.

The final aspect of our self that holds us back is wrath. This is so prevalent in our politics, sports, and society in general because of the way our society is established. "Violence is as American as apple pie" H. Rap Brown. You will never find the path to enlightenment or God through a path that is filled with wrath or violence. And yet this is the aspect of our selves that so many keep hidden in the shadows. Between domestic violence, hate crimes, and self sabotage; we are all exposed to wrath more frequently than we should. So many people get consumed by wrath that they will lose everything just to prove a point. (You can see where pride would tie into this aspect as well, and often times anger is associated with our solar plexus as well).  When we resort to violence or aggression instead of kindness and forgiveness, we allow our fear to control us, as well as our wrath. This poses a direct threat to our perceived safety or security in life.

Shadows vs Shallows

The term "Shallows" could easily be exchanged for "Shadows", which can help us better understand shadow work and the importance it has in our spiritual awakenings, discovering connectedness and diving deeper into our souls and our consciousness. In my experience, using the term "shadow" can be daunting at first, and can come off as "evil" or "bad". By using the analogy of shallow, we can better understand the concept by metaphors we are already used to. Such as "Wow, Becky is so shallow, she only dates men with blue eyes". or "Wow, Katherine doesn't really engage in deep conversations, all she wants to talk about is Dancing with the Stars!" Both of these examples display a shallow aspect to the personality, but in reality they are SHADOWS in Katherine and Becky, most likely resulting from one of the seven I listed above, and even more likely that they would suffer from around 4-5 of the above listed aspects.

Victoria Dellapaolera
Victoria Dellapaolera

Victoria is a Christian minister practicing spiritual healing and development in Williston, North Dakota. Victoria has worked with horses her entire life, and has learned many of her healing techniques from the horses.

She graduated from West Virginia University in 2020 Magna Cum Laude with a bachelors degree in Human Services and Sports and Exercise Psychology; gaining her associates degree in Farm and Ranch Management and Equitation from Dawson Community College in Glendive, Montana in 2012.

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