What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing is an ancient healing method, where a Shaman journeys into the spirit realm to receive guidance, healing and messages from spirit. Shamans heal our spiritual bodies, removing attachments, cutting cords, performing soul retrievals and healing our chakra's and auric energy fields.

Shamans journey into the spirit realm to receive messages, relaying back messages of healing and bringing guidance on what we need to do in the physical realm.

Shamanic Healing is not a substitution for modern medicine or psychiatric help.

Shamanic Healing is spiritual healing, which is much different than western medicine, and is not a substitute for these services.

I am a Christian Shaman, Minister and Reiki Master from the Badlands of Montana, where I deeply connected with the land and the spirits that call that land home. I spent all of my youth on the back of a horse in those badlands and was taught by the spirits of the land I call home. I began practicing reiki in 2013, and received my Master level attunement in March of 2019.

As your Shaman, I guide you and allow you to discover what healing you need to acquire to live your life in balance and what messages and guidance you need to receive from spirit. I work to help people self-heal their energy and spiritual bodies, by assisting them in meditation and interpretation of the messages received from the spirit realm. By working with the spirit realm, animal spirits, angels and spirit guides, I am able to clear and heal our energy and help individuals gain clarity in their lives.

Working with angels and the Holy Spirit, I am able to assist you in healing and assist you in navigating your spiritual path. Once you book an appointment with me, you are no longer a client, you are a student and I am here to help you navigate your journey.

How does Shamanic Healing work?

Every shaman is different, because a true shaman learns from tradition and spirit- both of which can vary culture to culture.

I work with the Holy Spirit to help you where you need it at this current period in your life.

I specialize in extractions, soul retrievals, connecting with power animals and assisting the departed into the afterlife.

Victoria Dellapaolera

The Journey

Depending on what we see with this journey determines what happens on the journey. We might have a soul retrieval to do- where we bring back a piece of our souls that we have left behind, or we might just have some major realizations and emotions to work through and accept. I find it best that we don't set any expectations leading up to the appointment, and allow what is meant to be, to be.

Most of the time, clients come back to me for another shamanic healing once they have gotten to a point where they can't go forward anymore. We then begin the process again, cleansing and balancing your chakra's, journeying into your subconscious and working through any blocks you might have. Sometimes we even begin the next chapter and begin working on a different issue you may have. It's not uncommon for me to see clients three or four times a year.

These appointments aren't a "instant healing experience". These appointments are the catalysts for you to begin to follow a spiritual path, overcome a blockage, trauma, or experience in your life. They are meant to help assist you in processing your experiences, and I have found that those who visit me, as well as a traditional mental health counselor have the best results.

Soul of the Badlands | Victoria Dellapaolera

Shamanic Healing Ceremony

1 hr 30 min
Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.

Shamanic Healing Ceremony Video Chat

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Please be advised that what Soul of the Badlands offers is spiritual, complementary healing methods and are not meant to replace western medical, psychiatric or psychological care. Victoria does not diagnose conditions, nor do she prescribe treatment or suggest that any modalities offered be used instead of treatment by your medical or psychiatric doctor. Victoria Dellapaolera and/or Soul of the Badlands disclaim any liability arising directly or indirectly from any information given in any sessions or consultations.