Welcome To Reiki Level I Shoden

Course Outline

Module 1 Begin Here Introduction To Reiki+
Container 1 Introduction to Reiki Lecture
Container 2 Reiki Level I Guide Book
Container 3 Science and the Human Energy Field
Container 4 Transformational Consciousness
Container 5 Reiki in Research
Container 6 Quiz 1
Module 2 How Reiki Works+
Container 1 How Reiki Works
Container 2 What is ether?
Container 3 Quiz 2
Module 3 Chakras and Meridians+
Container 1 Chakras & Meridians
Container 2 Meridians
Container 3 Daily course of the 12 main meridians
Container 4 The Body Meridians
Container 5 Chakra Basics
Container 6 Quiz 3
Module 4 The Reiki Principles+
Container 1 Reiki Principles
Container 2 Hypocrisy
Container 3 Quiz 4
Module 5 History of Reiki+
Container 1 History of Reiki
Container 2 How Hawayo Takata Practiced and Taught Reiki by Marianne Streich
Container 3 Takata’s Handouts
Container 4 Quiz 5
Module 6 Anatomical Illustrations and Positions for Reiki+
Container 1 Anatomy & Reiki
Container 3 Quiz 6
Module 7 Reiki Self Treatment+
Container 1 Reiki Self Treatment Lecture
Container 2 Daily Reiki and Spiritual Practice
Container 3 Self Treatment Hand Positions Diagram
Container 4 Quiz 7
Module 8 Preparing to treat others with Reiki+
Container 1 Reiki Self Treatments
Container 2 Creating Your Spiritual Home
Container 3 Quiz 8
Module 9 Treating Others With Reiki+
Container 1 Treating Others With Reiki
Container 2 How to prepare your client for Reiki
Container 3 Quiz 9
Module 10 Rapid Reiki Treatment+
Container 1 Rapid Reiki Treatment
Container 2 Quiz 10
Module 11 The Ultradian Rhythm Technique+
Container 1 Ultradium Rhythm Technique
Container 2 Resources
Container 3 Quiz 11
Module 12 Reiki Group Treatment+
Container 1 Group Reiki Treatment
Container 2 Quiz 12
Module 13 Reiki with pregnancy and infants.+
Container 1 Pregnancy, Newborns, and Children
Container 2 Resources
Container 3 Quiz 13
Module 14 Reiki for Souls that are crossing over+
Container 1 Comforting Those Crossing Over
Container 2 Quiz 14
Module 15 Reiki with Animals and Other Uses+
Container 1 Using Reiki With Animals
Container 2 Quiz 15
Module 16 Attunement to level 1 Reiki+
Container 1 Final Exam
Container 2 Reiki Level 1 Attunement


You can find your course recourses on this page- be sure to bookmark this page!



This course is self paced, with each unit having a 3-5 question quiz at the end of the unit. This quizzes cover the basics of Reiki. You are welcome to use course resources to complete these quizzes. At the end of this course, there is one final exam. The exam questions are taken from the unit quizzes and you are welcome to use course materials on the quizzes.


After your final exam, you will then be able to schedule your Reiki level 1 attunement. Information on how to schedule this appointment is provided after the completion of your final exam. You can schedule your attunements immediately after course completion, although I recommend a healthy 21 day lifestyle prior to the attunement (although not  required)