Raising The Vibrations in our Homes Holistically

I've mentioned smudging our homes to cleanse the energy and space in their homes. But sometimes we can experience that just; heavy feeling in the home. By working to raise the vibration in our home, we can help create a safe environment for spiritual work, as well as a high personal vibration or frequency. Once we can do this for ourselves, we can begin leading a way for our entire family. But we must lead by example.


I began cleansing my carpets every few months; and noticed a huge difference in my home. With cold and flu season in full swing, our bedrooms especially can begin to feel heavy, gross and depressing. To help combat this, I began implementing this carpet cleansing into my life and noticed massive shifts in the energy of my home (and the smells!!)

This is a simple tool that can be crafted by anyone, regardless of how much experience you have with essential oils! I notice a huge difference in the vibration of my home, and it effects everything I do, especially with my work taking place in my home.

Essential Oils

Supplies you will need:

Baking Soda. 1 cup per room minimum

Himalayan Salt. 1/2 cup per room

Essential Oils

Optional: Herbs per your liking

Essential Oils

You can use any essential oils in this mixture. I love lavender, sweet orange and lemon in my mixture; but with the COVID19 pandemic you could opt to include oregano, tea tree, peppermint or eucalyptus.

For each cup of baking soda, I use 20 drops of each oil. Stir this in until it is no longer clumping, and then add your salt and herbs. Herbs that are good to use include sage, basil, oregano and cedar.


I will then liberally dust the mixture on the carpets and rugs in each room. I let this sit for 20-30 minutes and then vacuum the space, focusing my intentions on removing any negative energies, odors and replacing those with positive vibes.

This works great in rooms that have cat boxes, rooms where pets sleep often and rooms where someone was sick for an extended period of time.

It helps to sage before you begin, but this is your preference. I always sage before I begin to make this mixture; but the choice is yours.


Repeat as needed to keep your carpets smelling fresh!!


Spiritual Routine & Personal Routine Partner

This is one of my favorite cleansing routines for many reasons, the main reason being it makes my home smell amazing! I have two large dogs, and they are disgusting!! I am always cleaning my carpets, and this is a great in between method for keeping the carpets smelling fresh between shampoo treatments.

On top of the physical benefits of smelling great, the frequency or vibrational impact this practice has on my space is insane. I can best utilize these benefits by infusing the blend with Himalayan salt, crystals (I would let infuse over night) or further blessing the blend with prayer (which is my preferred method always). The vibrational changes you will see with these simple practices are noteworthy, and allows us to extend our spiritual routines into our day to day life routines. Get the most out of your life! That's what I always say 🙂

Cleansing is a huge part of my daily routine, you can build upon this practice to cleanse every time you vacuum. Intentions are everything, so set your intentions to cleansing your home, and you will cleanse your home. I tend to find myself repeating the phrase "Cleanliness is next to Godliness", cleansing not just the energy of my home or the object I am cleaning, but also my own aura at the same time. The more intent we place into our actions, the greater our outcomes will be.

Victoria Dellapaolera
Victoria Dellapaolera

Victoria is a Christian minister practicing spiritual healing and development in Williston, North Dakota. Victoria has worked with horses her entire life, and has learned many of her healing techniques from the horses.

She graduated from West Virginia University in 2020 Magna Cum Laude with a bachelors degree in Human Services and Sports and Exercise Psychology; gaining her associates degree in Farm and Ranch Management and Equitation from Dawson Community College in Glendive, Montana in 2012.

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