Self Reflection: Gazing into the darkness.


Join me in this intense course focusing upon building the skill of self reflection, learning how to use self reflection to navigate our spiritual journeys. 

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What to expect after taking this course:

The ability to find peace in the root chakra, interrupting the daily cycle of fight or flight to usher in opportunities to heal.

The heightened ability to recognize spiritual shadows within ourselves, and welcoming them back into our present self through self based soul retrivals and Ho'oponopono healing practice.

Journeying through a dark night with guidance from our own internal connection to The Creator through Christ and the Holy Spirit. In this self reflection course, we help clear these communication obstacles, allowing us to strengthen our faith and our intuition or guidance from God.


We will work through the seven main chakras, bringing forth clarity and awakening to aspects of our energy or frequency that we need to heal and grow within. This course is great for building intuition, and faith.

This experience assists us in understanding our hearts, to better understand our authentic self and how we can best honor this authenticity within us. Knowledge is power, and that is even more true when it comes to knowledge about our own self. When we can better understand who we are, we can understand our reactions, thoughts, and behaviors; understanding that they aren't us, but rather a reaction we are making based upon emotions, traumas, or a fight/flight response; even years later.

By doing this work we must reflect into several aspects of our energy, which we will do in this challenge.


What's included:

9 Self Paced Units with over 44 modules of material.

7 Ceremonies recorded live from the sacred ceremony container created for this healing event.

Discussion boards & personal support from the course instructor.

Lifetime Access To Course Materials

Course Outline

Fall Reflections | Initiating Your Deeper Awakening
Module 1 Opening Ceremony-
Container 1 Establishing the Practice of Reflection
Container 2 Opening Ceremony Transmission
Container 3 Introductions & Discussion
Module 2 Connecting with the Warrior Within-
Container 1 Understanding the Warrior
Container 2 Reflections with the Warrior
Container 3 Healing The Warrior Ceremony Transmission
Container 4 Day 1 Journaling
Container 5 Discussion
Module 3 Sacred Unions and Healing The Essence of Self-
Container 1 Reflections with Sacred Unions  - Preview
Container 2 Cleansing and Releasing from the Intimate Space Within  - Preview
Container 3 Sacral Chakra Cleansing & Activations | Healing the Womb Space
Container 4 Day 2 Journaling
Container 5 Discussion
Module 4 Reflecting on Surrender and Faith-
Container 1 Reflecting on Surrender
Container 2 Strengthening Our Faith Through Releasing
Container 3 Reflecting with Pride & Resting Ceremony Transmission
Container 4 Day 3 Journaling
Container 5 Discussion
Module 5 Reflecting with the Sacred Heart-
Container 1 Sacred Heart
Container 2 Holy Fire
Container 3 Sacred Heart Ceremony Transmission
Container 4 Day 4 Journaling
Container 5 Discussion
Module 6 Reflection on Communicating Love-
Container 1 Communicating with the Self
Container 2 Discovering Self Expression
Container 3 Communication & Boundaries Transmission
Container 4 Day 5 Journaling
Container 5 Disscussion
Module 7 Reflections Upon Refractions-
Container 1 Illuminating the darkness within
Container 2 Learning to See the Light
Container 3 Reflections upon Refractions Transmission
Container 4 Day 6 Journaling
Container 5 Discussion
Module 8 Humility and Grace | Reflections of the ego-
Container 1 Dark Night of the Soul
Container 2 Jacob's Ladder
Container 3 Transmission
Container 4 Day 7 Journaling
Container 5 Discussion
Module 9 Closing Ceremonies | Reflections of the Soul-
Container 1 The Pursuit of Love
Container 2 Closing Ceremony

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