Sage Premium Membership

$111.00 / month

This all inclusive membership package is your all access pass to all of Victoria’s courses, teachings, writings and more. With this membership, you will grow as much as you are willing to receive. You are the master of your healing journey, this membership is simply a tool to discover the sage within, to assist in developing a rigorous spiritual routine that is pure and authentic to your true inner self.



Looking to expand your current practice?

or maybe

Looking to build your spiritual practice?

In this premium, all inclusive membership, you are opening your energy up to receiving at your fullest.This membership is inspired to assist you in creating the spiritual routine, discipline, and developing an authentic practice to reach your purpose. In this membership, you receive ultimate access to the container that Victoria has created. This grants you access to all of the content on her website, as well as private 1:1 coaching sessions, which are vital to establishing accountability during these fundamental establishing practices. In addition to helping you learn how to support your own spiritual practice, When deeper healing is required, Victoria's private ceremonies are available at no additional charge to heal your spirit at the basic, pure, essence of your frequency, healing you from the spiritual realms.

When used in combination with the private 1:1 coaching appointments, many have found peace, happiness, and abundance with their overall wellness, while also developing their own authentic connection to The Creator and Christ.

Coming soon to all premium memberships: Energy Feed- a steady flow of energy updates, resistance "blockage" points within the collective consciousness that we can join together to help transmute and heal, by focusing on how these energy updates are presenting in our individual spiritual journeys.

What is offered:

2 -1:1 coaching appointments each month

Templates to creating your own authentic practice

Access to Victoria's booking calendar at no additional cost

Access to all online courses

Access to the energy feed

Early bird access to all in person retreats & workshops

Access to guided meditations & activations

Access to all writings and exclusive content



These 1:1 coaching sessions must be scheduled in the month they were purchased. This allows for you to receive the most out of your coaching experience while also helping to hold us accountable in our spiritual journeys.