Integrating Passions 7 Day Challenge


As we navigate through this healing journey, we navigate through the medicine wheel. It is not enough that we reflect and see what we have done, but we have to release these energies from us, and become the energy that we desire to be. The second part of my spiritual fast track series, this activation 7 day challenge pushes us deeper within out consciousness, to address and activate the passions within us. The passions that fulfill a joy buried deep within our souls, a joy that spreads our authentic gifts among not only our individual families, but our extended families, friends, coworkers and communities.

By activating our authentic passions within, we gain clarity within our life’s journey, and discover how to create to our fullest potential in our authentic ways. This is a wonderful series for artists wishing to develop deeper connection and emotion within their work, writers who wish to connect with their readers on all levels, and anyone who wishes to develop leadership and spiritual aspects within their daily lives, all through self discovery and discipline.


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