Custom Guided Meditation


Looking for a specific meditation? Would you like a meditation created specifically for you and your needs? This custom guided meditation is the perfect solution for what you are searching for. In the order notes, please describe what your intentions with this meditation are, and what you wish to achieve with your meditation. I will then personally record a guided meditation for you, complete with authentic shamanic drumming, celtic flute, deer medicine rattle, and singing bowl activations recorded specifically for custom meditations.



Are you interested in accessing wisdom sources such as the akashic records, or your own past life experiences?

Have you wanted to dive into the depths of spiritual practice, but are unsure of where to start, and just feel leery about trusting random guided meditations out there?

This is the perfect solution for you. These guided meditations can be as complex and as intricate, or as simple and relaxing as you would like them to be. The opportunities are endless with a custom guided meditation.

Over the course of the past five years, I have spent countless hours in meditation activating and integrating the deepest depths of my consciousness into this life. This custom 30 minute guided meditation is created specifically for you, and my experience in the astral realm as your shaman, am here to guide you.

These meditations are available for download once completed.

Please allow for a moon cycle for fulfillment.


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