Preparing for an Attunement

The most important thing I stress with Reiki, is there are no rules or constructs placed upon Reiki from man. With this being said, you don't have to listen to one thing I say regarding how to prepare for your attunement. You can do none of these, and you will still receive your attunement.

But, if you listen to me and follow this guide, you will see a better result from your attunement, you will gain more from your attunement and you will find it easier to work with Reiki energy. Based upon what I know to be true with Reiki, participating in anything that drains your life force energy will make it more difficult for Reiki to flow through you.  Working to boost our life force energy prior to our Reiki attunement helps increase your potential with practicing Reiki.

  1. Eat a balanced diet. Try to avoid sugary drinks, sweets, processed foods or "fake" foods. It's recommended to do a detox prior to your attunement, but you don't have to. I detoxed for 21 days prior to my attunement, which was an amazing experience and I highly recommend doing this.
  2. Drink the daily recommended amount of water every day for 21 days prior to your attunement.
  3. Consider fasting for 24 hours prior to your attunement.
  4. Avoid caffeine on the day of your attunement
  5. No alcohol for a minimum of 3 days prior to your attunement, I recommend 21 days prior to attunement
  6. Minimize recreational tobacco use. Sacred tobacco is acceptable when used in ritual or ceremony. Recreational tobacco should be avoided if possible. Simply try to cut back for 3 days prior to your attunement. (Ideally, no recreational tobacco, but as I said, Reiki works regardless of our constructs or rules so do what works for you)
  7. Meditate every day for 21 days prior to your attunement. Try and meditate as long as you can, even if that is only 5-10 minutes. If you can't meditate, spend 30 minutes or longer in silence and just allow your thoughts to be.
  8. Disconnect from television, radio and newspapers for 3 days prior to your attunement
  9. Make self care a priority for a minimum of three days prior to your attunement. I highly recommend doing this every day. Pamper yourself with long baths, taking quiet walks, spending time in nature, exercise of your choice (yoga, stretching, running, walking, etc)
  10. Create a sacred space around you.
  11. Practice shadow work by releasing anger, fear, hate in our lives. Allow these emotions to flow, recognize that they are real and dig deeper into WHY they are real. Address those why's.
  12. Contemplate what it means to you to connect to the Divine. What does this look like to you? This is the most important part to prepare you for this attunement.


What to expect after your Reiki attunement

After your attunement you can experience a variety of different things. You can experience nothing, which can be lackluster and disappointing! But, that doesn't mean that your Reiki attunement was unsuccessful, but more likely that your spiritual body is healing. This tends to come from our chakras being out of balance at the time of our attunements. This doesn't meant "something is wrong with you" it simply means that Reiki is helping you to heal these chakras. This all depends on your shadow work and how much you have worked through your own demons and your own issues prior to your attunement.

After your Reiki attunement, it is important to be very mindful about what you put into your body. Try to eat a balanced diet, refrain from eating fast foods, drink ample water and meditate daily. After your attunement, expect to experience detoxification of your physical body. You might notice changes in your body functions, your cravings and your attitudes. During this time it's beneficial to find vitamins that fit your dietary needs. By fulfilling our dietary needs we can benefit more from our attunement process.

You may experience increases in your natural abilities, intuition, an increase in your connection to the divine, an increase in your self confidence and inspiration for further development.


Do I need another Reiki Attunement?

Attunements last a lifetime, you will not need to have an attunement "redone" just because. If you chose to study the next level of Reiki, yes you will need to be attuned to that level. Through my courses you will receive attunements after a passing score from the coursework. After your attunement is completed, you will receive a certificate with the date of your attunement, and your attunement level.

When Will I Receive My Certificate?

Once I confirm your attunement was a success. I will email your certificate to you within 24 hours of completion of your attunement.