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Chakra Healing

How to find your own happiness...

And begin your journey to a better self


Learn in detail about each of the seven main chakras located in the physical body, as well as additional chakras located outside of the body. In this course you will learn the following:

  • Aromatherapy essentials for each chakra
  • Sound and color therapies for each chakra
  • Crystal healing for each chakra
  • Herbs, teas and other holistic measures for healing chakras
  • Meditations
  • Aura's and energy fields


Begin your journey towards healing, by learning how to self heal and balance your own chakras. Allow a Shaman to guide you on this journey, and give you the tools needed to bring your soul whole again, and to find true peace and balance from within.

Understanding how to self heal unlocks our potentials to live a life full of balance, peace and harmony.



Heal your soul, so you can thrive.


Expand your horizons and dive deeper into yourself through emotional and spiritual healing. Grasp a deeper understanding of yourself and discover your souls purpose in this life.

Grow on a spiritual level that will propel you further forward in various parts of your life. Make the choice to help yourself heal and maintain balance and awareness on all aspects of your life.

Grow as a person, grow as a soul.



About the instructor

Victoria is a Shaman and a Reiki master- and her primary focus with her business Soul of the Badlands is to bring healing and balance into our souls by working with soul retrivals, chakra healing and dealing with our shadows.

Heal your soul 

What to expect in this chakra workshop

In this twelve week course, we will dive deeper into each of the seven physical chakras in the body, as well as two of the chakras located outside of the body known as spirit chakras. The last two weeks of this workshop we will focus on the energy fields around us, auras and connecting to the Divine energy to fulfill our souls purpose and live the life that we wish to be living.

You will learn how to work with all these chakras for your highest intentions, how to heal from past experiences and how to find inner balance yourself.

This online course is completed via a private Facebook group, where we will have active discussions, live videos, question and answer sessions and opportunities for deeper healing and guidance throughout the workshop.

Each week we will have discussions on specific chakras and how they relate to various parts of our lives and psychical bodies. This workshop includes a lifetime membership into the Facebook Group although Victoria will only be active during the 12 week period.

Shamanic Healing


Spiritual Guides

"When I did a chakra balancing with Victoria I physically felt better almost immediately. I use what she’s taught me at least weekly. If I’m upset or feeling anxious I focus on going through each chakra and I feel so much better. It makes me calm. It really does bring you balance. I put on some meditation music and just chill and refocus. I love it. I’ve learned so much from Victoria"   

- Kim 






"I’m not sure how familiar all of you are regarding chakra healing.  To be honest it was completely new to me up until about 6 months ago. I’m not sure if you all know, but 4 months ago I lost my husband, soul mate, other half, to a car wreck.  As you can imagine, my life has been turned upside down, but in the midst of this I’m discovering more about myself than I ever knew existed.  Not long after his crossing over I scheduled a Shamanic healing appointment with Victoria…just searching for something to bring light and understanding to my life. Victoria lead me through all the seven main chakras and a few spiritual chakras as well, helped me to clean and balance them and it was amazing.   It opened my eyes, my heart, my mind and my soul. It changed my life and my outlook and has not only helped me begin to heal from John’s death but also parts of my past that need healing and balance. If there’s even a flicker of a thought of wanting to do this, it’s the Universe telling you to move forward and there’s no one better to lead you through your chakras than Victoria, she has help me more than I can put into words."


Hello everyone ! I wanted share my experience with Tori and her helping me with my chakras. I have had two wonderful sessions with her so far and in each one, we have gone over my chakras. In first session, we found that I needed to work in a few things and she gave me some homework to do for the next time we meet.

A few months later, I made a follow up session with her, and she couldn't believe the improvement I had made on my chakras. Again, she gave me more tips and tricks on my chakras to check them myself and to see inside myself, which I have never been able to do before.
She is very inspiring and definelty a very talented young woman. She is also one of the reasons why I have started my spiritual journey. I am trying to learn something spiritually new every day. To top it off, I recently earned my Reiki 1, and I give partial credit to her. Thank you Tori.



Shamanic Healing
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Chakra Healing