Monthly Message November 2019


Scorpio season can seem like.. all dark and moody and bitchy right? But I'm here to tell you- Scorpio season is one of my favorite seasons.

This month is filled with the dark and twisty- but also with great vibes, growth and achievements.

Astrology Forecast


The sun went into Scorpio on October 23, and brought with some deep, dark and twisty emotions. 

November 1st, Venus is going to enter Sagittarius
You may have a lot of lovers that will be popping back into your life- as friends, friends with benefits or as lovers again.

November 1st, Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio- until November 18th
Lay off any huge travel, business expansions, purchases or contracts at this time. Try and act as level headed and chill as possible, and any changes that you must make at this time- be sure to be diligent and thorough to avoid any issues.

November 5th, Mars in Libra, squares Pluto in Capricorn.
Both planets have affects on Scorpio- so this is going to bring forth very "Scorpio-y" energy  at this time. Deep, heavy, complex energy that is going to give you opportunities to dive in and do some deep, dark, healing. Great time for Shadow Work.

November 9th, Saturn in Capricorn Sextine Neptune in Pisces
Trust your gut, work hard and stay grounded, and you will see dreams coming true. Be careful not to get your head in the clouds- Pisces can be SUPER emotional and could botch this deal for you.

November 11, Angel number, 11/11. This is going to bring higher vibrations, healing and ascension into the next level of understanding, growth and expansion. STAY GROUNDED

STAY GROUNDED in the practical and realistic parts of life. Abundance and manifestation are going to be strong at this time. Take a walk barefoot (if it's not cold af where you live) and embrace this grounding energy of Taurus. What you have been planting is going to be coming back to you now.

November 20th, Mercury goes direct in Scorpio.
If you messed up over the past 18 days, now is your chance to fix this.  Mercury in Scorpio is very observant, and will be able to pickup on situations and emotions around you. Be sincere- but make a point to be polite too.

November 22nd, Sun enters Sagittarius.
Connect to something higher than yourself. Set high goals with religion, faith and spirituality. You will reach them if you try.

November 26th, New Moon in Sagittarius.
Expand. Expand. Expand. Expand what your faith was, where you limited yourself and what you had limited your mind to. EXPAND

November 27th, Neptune Direct in Pisces (Began retrograde June 21)
It will be easier to determine what is real, and what is a dream we have made up. Dreams don't work, unless you take action.  Neptune reminds this to us when we look back over the summer bummed that we failed at our dreams.. Oops.


Collective Channeled Message for November 2019


The month of November is going to come in heavy. We are going to be needing to do some shadow work- dealing with some past traumas, emotional baggage and parts of our selves that feel gross, sad and depressing.

This dark and twisty side is part of us, and the more we try to avoid it or make it go away, the worse this is going to be in the long run. There is going to be a lot of self victimization going on at this time. You are the only person who is holding yourself captive at this time. You need to make the choice to stop allowing negative situations and circumstances to define you and "ruin" you. You are in direct control of how you process this "dark and twisty" time.

I feel that most of us are going to have a lot of restless energy. We are really wound up tight from the "dark and twisty" parts of our stories- and that is bleeding out into our personal and work relationships. We need to find an outlet for this energy that is a positive avenue. Good outlets for this energy would be exercise, hobbies, education and self care.

Those of us who make the choice to work on our shadows and heal, will notice a huge shift in our lives towards the middle of November. We will notices that our determination will go up, and we will be motivated to keep pushing forward and growing as souls- but also we will have the courage to say what we need to say regarding toxic relationships- especially romantic relationships- or we will have the courage to take a leap that we otherwise wouldn't do.

When we speak up and let our partners know about our feelings, we will open up avenues for communication- and if not, you will know in your gut that this isn't the partner for you.  I feel that most of our romantic relationships will benefit greatly from this, and we will notice another shift. ** Please note- this isn't just romantic relationships. This can also be close friends, family or coworkers.

There are going to be opportunities presenting themselves to some of us in November. These opportunities will be regarding a Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo in our lives.  This might be a passing of a loved one and the inheritance of their wealth, a new job opportunity that pays extremely well or a new home or upgrades to your home.

We are facing an inevitable change in November. Whether it be from the passing of a loved one, a separation from a spouse or a new job- this change is inevitable- and it is GOOD change. You might be sad at first, but it isn't going to stay long. You are going to realize how much good this is for you, and what it means for your future. I see a good omen circling around this change.

There is going to be a new love, rekindled love for either a partner or yourself. This energy is going to bring forth overflowing emotions, creativity and that "spark" we all have within our selves is going to be reignited. You're going to need to keep a sharp mind, because past choices are going to keep popping back into our lives, and they are going to try and make us doubt ourselves and our abilities to make decisions. Listen to your gut, keep your mind sharp and don't fall for the deception. You are given an opportunity- don't waste it.  This time, this energy is going to keep presenting itself, and you are going to need to chose the option that is the hardest.

This isn't a time for coasting right now- this is a time for hard work, diligence and routine. You are capable of living the life you want to be living- you just have to put in the work to make it happen. This is going to be the hardest struggle for most of us- because we are going to want to go back to where we feel "safe" when this gets really hard. And it's going to be hard- but nothing worth having comes easy.

You are going to be extremely happy about the end of November, and you are going to feel like your manifestations are coming true. All the hard work you put in now, will pay off later.

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Victoria Dellapaolera
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