Lionsgate Portal Activations & Preparations

On July 26th, Sirius rising in the morning sky before our sun, representing a beginning to a new galactic cycle. The energy during this time is very powerful, especially for those pursuing deep spiritual paths. The Lionsgate Portal peaks on 8/8, and lasts until 8/12. During this portal, DNA activations will be flooding through our energy, focus on being open to receiving, as well as practicing a strong grounding routine to help maintain centeredness.

Remaining grounded during this time will assist with any physical discomforts you may feel while these upgrades are being integrated. But mindful of the Schumann Resonance, as it will have greater affects on your energy during this time.  Having done "the work" over the last few weeks, those who are called to manifest during this time will see great rewards, but those who aren't called, and force a manifestation may not see the same results.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or challenged during this time, focus on raising your frequency, as you are likely too grounded or your frequency is too low, overwhelming your spiritual senses. Find centeredness by raising your frequency. Self care routines, spiritual routines, and practices will greatly benefit you at this time, especially meditations.

The energies of this time will assist us in creating our passions into reality, while walking a path that honors our authentic self. This is the time to stand tall, confident in the work you have completed up until today, and claim your energy. Receive the energy and abundance flowing to you, and enjoy the experience.


My Spiritual Routine as I prepare for Lionsgate

Grounding Rituals.

Grounding is a huge part of a strong spiritual practice, and leading up to these portals is no exception. Staying grounded helps prevent "the energy shits" as I call them (pretty self explanatory) or "ascension flu" (which I have promised to stop using, but is also very self explanatory for the symptoms we can experience when improperly grounded during these energetic portals. For me this can mean time with my horses, hiking, walking the dogs, salt baths, sound baths, meditations or breathwork.

Cleansing and Releasing: 

As we lead up to these portals, there is a cycle which I follow every year. Just as a farmer tends to the land, or a shepherd tends to his flock, our spirits flow with the natural energy flow of the earth, the seasons, the medicine wheel. In the months leading up to this energy, which comes every year, I have been focusing on creating my reality before me. This requires removing what no longer serves my highest purpose. This requires a cleansing of all energy associated with my reality. Releasing all frequencies that aren't in alignment with the ultimate divine frequency. Cleansing myself of the energies I carry that cause pain, turmoil, drama, and hate; and transmuting these energies into forgiveness and unconditional love. Ho'oponopono prayer is a powerful tool which can assist you in this process.

Proper Water Consumption

Being properly hydrated assists in transmuting energy, as well as allowing the energy to flow through you with ease.


Within the guidance of a health professional, intermittent fasting is a large part of my spiritual practice. Discuss this option with your doctor or nutritionist to determine if this is a good fit for you.

Daily Prayer Ritual

My prayers are personal between God and I and are a part of my routine every day, not just on "special days". Every day is sacred, every day is special. Everyday has potential for activations of great magnitude. 8/8 is only powerful if you believe it is powerful and have faith in this. Faith is strengthened by prayer.

Meditation & Breathwork

In addition to my daily prayers, I also have my own personal meditation and breathwork routine. I say "Personal" as I have routines I do often for my private ceremonies. I be sure to set aside my own meditation and breathwork time to focus on my own frequency as a form of personal self care.


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Victoria Dellapaolera
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