June Monthly Message

Monthly Message

Please note this is a GENERAL READING for the month of June-

This means not all statements made in this reading may resonate with you. If you truly do not feel like a message resonates with you, simply disregard. The message was not intended for you if it doesn't resonate.

General Message For June 2019
June is going to be a hard month for most. June is going to bring some insecurities forward- which will make you question yourself and your abilities. You are avoiding dealing with these insecurities and would rather continue to push them under the rug instead of addressing the issues.

You are given the opportunity in June to address these issues and move forward in a deeper sense of balance and inner peace. But the path to inner peace is going to be a rough path, but a path that will be worth the difficulties.

It's time to take action and make steps towards dealing with these insecurities. Now is the perfect time.  Don't let your anxiety get the best of you. Push through your fears and come out the other side a stronger person.  This may mean removing people from your life that are making these insecurities worse. It's okay to remove energy and people who are not helping you towards your highest intentions, even if you have been in each others' lives for decades.

General Love Life Message for June 2019

June really is going to be a hard month across the board. I see for the general love life message that we are carrying the insecurities from the general message over into the love life.  This is making us feel like we are wanting to just give up.  Your confidence may feel like it is just destroyed, where you are feeling unloved, unwanted or not worthy of love. "I'm not good enough" is something that is on repeat in your mind. It is time to lay those thoughts to rest and kill this negative self talk and negative image you have in this field.

If you are in a relationship- work on rebuilding your relationship with your significant other. Collaborate to create something that brings you both together. Find something you can do together such as cooking, a home project or even a nice hike. Something where you can leave your attitude at the door and work towards mending the bond between you and your spouse or significant other.

If you are single, work on yourself. Work on rebuilding you and truly loving the person you are. If you feel the need to reach out for help doing so, counseling isn't out of reach and would help you. I see this healing coming in a collaboration- be aware of this and keep your eyes open for opportunities that
surround working with someone else- these opportunities will bring you that much closer to healing and truly loving yourself.

No matter if you are single or in a relationship- working to mend the bond between our significant others and ourselves and the connection we have to our inner self- will always benefit you.  In doing this, you will let down your guards and become self aware to your part in the story and what roles you are playing, and changing them!

The mindset you have is what is causing these issues, it is time to work on changing this perspective, therefore changing your reality.

You will find this inner happiness- if you make this shift in perspective. It is time to accept what you have created, and move forward and make the necessary changes.  This inner happiness is going to be a huge shift for you, and I do feel like there is going to be a celebration that brings everyone together. This celebration such as a wedding, graduation or family get together (Think birthday party, bbq, any reason for everyone to get together) will bring everyone great joy, and will leave you feeling happy with how this played out- if you chose to make the needed shifts in your outlook.

If you don't change, your situation will NOT change.

Be mindful that you don't try so hard to change, that you get burnt out. Remember to stay balanced and true to yourself while you go through this period. You need to remember this is not just your burden to share. It takes work from both sides, but someone has to make the first move towards change.

You have the power to pull yourself out of this sadness you are feeling, if you are open to seeing the roll you have played in getting to this point.

General Healing Message for June 2019

Acknowledge the duality to the situation and see the situation from all angles to receive a clear vision on what needs to be done. Acknowledge that good and bad need to exist in order to have balance in the world.  A bad situation might not be bad- it might be exactly what you are needing right now.Focus on the truth, not the truth you are telling yourself. Distance yourself from the situation, set your emotions aside and look at everything with a clear mind and see the truth- not just what you are wanting to see, tell yourself and have.

Let go. Just let go.

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Victoria Dellapaolera
Victoria is a Christian minister practicing spiritual healing and development in Williston, North Dakota. Victoria has worked with horses her entire life, and has learned many of her healing techniques from the horses. She graduated from West Virginia University in 2020 Magna Cum Laude with a bachelors degree in Human Services and Sports and Exercise Psychology; gaining her associates degree in Farm and Ranch Management and Equitation from Dawson Community College in Glendive, Montana in 2012.. Victoria received her shamanic rites in 2018, after spending the majority of her life with the spirit of the horse learning the basics of communication, healing, and intuition.
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