How To Cleanse Our Energy.

I was chatting with the member of my Facebook group this past week, and a lot of members were struggling with feelings of anxiety, and picking up other people's burdens and weights.

While it is completely normal to have these feelings- it's important that we understand how to protect ourselves and clear these energies from ourselves.

It's also important that we recognize when we need help and when we need to talk to someone. I highly recommend talking to a counselor or mental health professional when this weight begins to be too much. I love my holistic lifestyle, but I also have to remember that modern medicine and treatments are beneficial, and have proven to help in many circumstances and shouldn't be ignored or disregarded.

How To Cleanse Your Energy


Let's be honest- when we are aware of our energy, our surroundings and others feelings, we can pickup on those energies. Good or bad.

It should be part of our self care routine- this concept of cleansing our energy.

Think of our energy field, or our aura, as a bubble of energy around us that is emanating from ourselves. This energy is directly related to our chakra's (our own energy centers) within our bodies. This energy can be read in our aura's, and is also how people can perceive us or how we project our energy or feelings onto others.

While we should be working on chakra well-being every day in some shape or form- (If you don't know how to do this, my chakra workshop would be the perfect fit for you, LEARN MORE HERE...) sometimes we can pick up other peoples garbage energy and carry it with us.

Our aura's or energy field that surrounds us can attract this garbage energy. Think about some black yoga pants fresh out of the dryer- and you walk by your cat. Those pants just act like a magnet for that damn cat hair- pretty quick you are lint rollering your pants like a psycho trying to get all the cat hair off you.

It's the same for garbage energy.

Your aura acts like a magnet- attract this negative energy. We can bring this energy to us by having to work with someone who has a shit attitude, someone whose going through a tough time in their life right now, or even just by certain times of the year.  November and December tend to raise depression and anxiety, so more and more of us are experiencing these feelings- therefore more of that energy is flying around, being drawn to our auras!

So this can feel a little overwhelming right? Like, shit- I gotta keep my energy going good, constantly be working on myself, my chakras, my positive mindset etc etc, and now I have to worry about other peoples too??

But don't stress- it is actually really easy to deal with this energy, and can feel really great for your physical body, as well as your spiritual self.

Easy methods to cleansing your energy

  1. Ground yourself. As we navigate through our day to day activities, we often times forget to ground ourselves and our energy. When you get up in the morning, take five minutes and  enjoy your cup of coffee. While you are doing this, imagine your energy flowing freely into the ground below you, and energy from Mother Earth flowing into you. Visualize this energy clearing away any negative energies in your aura, any depressing thoughts, negative mindsets or worries and washing them away from you. Once you have sat and enjoyed this energy (while of course enjoying your favorite morning drink) you can then begin your day.
  2. Essential Oils. As many of you know, I am an aromatherapist. I'll be the first to tell you that there are many, many more experienced aromatherapists out there than me, but it is something I enjoy and I have been practicing since I was 17 years old.  You can create your own blends of essential oils and apply them to your pulse points as well as specific chakras to help you on your spiritual journey- or you can diffuse the oils into the air or create a room spray and spritz around you when you feel you need a pick me up or additional cleansing. I like to use various blends of the following oils- Frankincense, Lavender, Cedarwood, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint, Pathcouli and Sweet Orange as well as Palo Santo, Clary Sage or White Sage essential oils.  It's important that you understand proper blending procedure, and spend a little bit of time before just diving into blending your own oils. I suggest doing a little research or purchasing pre-blended oils for convenience and safety reasons.
  3. Crystals. There are various crystals that are going to help you stay grounded and repel negative energies or emotions. Larimar, Blue Lace Agate, Tourmilated Quartz, Labradorite, Shattuckite, Hematite, Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz.  Wearing these crystals throughout your day- and cleansing them often will help with these energies. (Check out Cally Smith's blog post on cleansing crystals in the Full Moon here) You can also sage your crystals, place them in dirt outside your home for around 4 hours for easy cleansing.
  4. Himalayan Salt Bathing in this salt, or even just having salt lamps around you can greatly help with clearing negative energies. Place a lamp on your desk at work, meditate in a salt cave, or even take a bath with bath salts crafted from Himalayan salt. I hand make my own bath salts, and they are amazing if I do say so myself. While I create them, I charge them with my intention. I add essential oils to boost that intention as well! When I take a bath with my salts, I imagine the water cleansing my energy field, removing any energy leeches I might have come across, any negative energy stuck in my energy field and any spirits that might also be latched on to me.  I then recall any of my energy that I have left in this world back to me. Using Himalayan Salt has been a game changer- and I recommend this to everyone I talk to.I do this about once a week- and I've noticed a major change in my attitude as well as a great treatment for migraines. I will often times meditate in the bath- which also amplifies this feeling. If you can find time- I highly recommend doing this option, especially on days where you're really feeling the weight and burden from this energy latching onto you.
  5. Cleansing Showers What do you do if you don't have a tub? Easy. Cleanse your energy in the shower! Duh!While you are showering, ask the water to remove any negative energies that are attached to you, while recalling all of your energy back to you. Visualize all this negative energy being washed away from you, down the shower drain. After your shower, apply some essential oils such as Lavender, Sweet Orange, Peppermint or Frankincense to keep those vibrations high. If you are planning on going to bed after your shower, use Lavender, Ylang Ylang and a tiny bit of Frankincense diluted to 2% in coconut oil or your favorite carrier oil.  Apply this oil to your third eye chakra, pulse points and wherever you feel drawn to do so. If you don't have essential oils- I highly encourage you to invest in them.
  6. Sage Ok ok- You all knew this one. I saved the best for last, because this really does work. White Sage is great and easily accessible for purchase via Etsy or your local metaphysical shop. Light your sage, and ask sage to remove any negative energies that are attached to you, while recalling all of your energy back to you.  Fan the smoke over your entire space. Starting at your feet and working your way up to the top of your head- while also paying attention to the space around you. Think about an arms reach around your entire body. You can also use a room spray specifically created to cleanse the space around you. You could also use Palo Santo, Cedar, Sweetgrass or various species of Sage. Use what you have or what you are drawn to.

These tips can help you cleanse your energy and release energy that isn't yours, and not serving you- and also recall all your energy back to you.


Feel free to use one if not all of these tips to help you cleanse your energy and live your best life.

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