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Gazing Upon the Threads of Fate

Navigating the threads of fate is a daunting task. A labyrinth filled with illusions, deceptions and ego, it can be hard to navigate alone. In these coaching sessions, spirit meets you where you are, and encourages you to dive deeper into your faith and belief- no matter what this belief maybe.

During these private 1:1 coaching experiences, we gaze upon your frequency and with precision and care I coach you through the best spiritual practices to help you overcome your current experience.

Soul of the Badlands | Victoria Dellapaolera

Guidance & Spiritual Coaching

30 min | $50
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Please be advised that what Soul of the Badlands offers is spiritual, complementary healing methods and are not meant to replace western medical, psychiatric or psychological care. Victoria does not diagnose conditions, nor do she prescribe treatment or suggest that any modalities offered be used instead of treatment by your medical or psychiatric doctor. Victoria Dellapaolera and/or Soul of the Badlands disclaim any liability arising directly or indirectly from any information given in any sessions or consultations.

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