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When I began my healing journey many years ago, I never realized the impact I would have on others around me. I constantly would struggle with imposter syndrome, feeling as thought I was "never good enough" to be doing what the Creator was leading me to do. As I grew and matured, I began to realize that it is my souls purpose to walk this path, and I began to embrace it and nurture my gifts.

Through everything I have been far from perfect, I've made mistakes and I've fallen short. But through it all I have grown and matured in areas I didn't know were possible, and developed into something much bigger than I could had ever dreamed of before embracing this path.

Since I began all of this, I've noticed the same questions being asked time and time again, so I have decided to gather all of those questions together and answer them here today.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a the life force energy that surrounds us at all times. By becoming in sync with this energy and becoming a hollow bone for the energy to flow through, we become better able at utilizing this energy in the world around us. Reiki is the ether that surrounds us. Reiki, is the work of the Holy Spirit.

What kind of healing do I need?

The best kind of healing is healing you find yourself. I am happy to help you find yourself, which can be best done through Shamanic ceremony. I always recommend that people start with healing ceremony, and transition into chakra balancing once they feel strong in their own ability to self heal before and after their healing appointments with me. I am a catalyst, helping spark others into doing their own true healing in life. I, personally, do not heal you. The Creator, and YOU heal you.

What is a Shaman?

A Shaman is a holy man that works as a hollow bone for the Creator. I offer ceremony and prayer for all walks of life, for all people, spirits, and things in this world. I am a hollow bone that the Creator works through. I am a strong Christian, and will never be shaken from this faith. Christ is my guide, he is my teacher, he is my everything. Without his teachings I wouldn't be here today.

A Shaman is strongly connected to the earth, and is able to journey into the different realms by entering into a trance through ceremony, meditation, sacred rituals, dance or music. Through my experience each Shaman practices differently, so it's important that you trust and understand your Shaman's practices and faith.

How do you practice Shamanism?

I practice shamanism through meditative states, trance, drumming, flute, rattle, vision quests, herbs, oils, elemental, angelic, and animal medicine. My horses are a key aspect of this method, as they guide me into the spiritual realm.

I gather my own spiritual medicine, and I practice my ministry through my work and connection to the badlands. My gifts are stronger in the badlands, as I am very tied to the land with my work.

I am guided by the Holy Spirit, Christ, and the Creator.

Do you use crystals?

Yes, but only those that are calling to me. My collection us under 25 pieces and fluctuates daily. Most of my crystals I find in the badlands, and are sandstone, quartz, or a variant of them.

Do you take psychedelics?

No.  I do not use psychedelics in my shamanic practice. They are a strong medicine and are to be used in special ceremony.

What does your spiritual routine look like?

I meditate every morning to start my day. After that meditation, I get up, drink my coffee and work on responding to emails, studying various scriptures and spending time with my horses. In the afternoons I take healing ceremony appointments which are done over zoom. I have made friends with people around the world through these ceremonies and I am very fortunate to have the availability and tools to offer these ceremonies like this.

Before and after each ceremony I cleanse my energy with sound, water, smoke, crystals, reiki or oils. After my last ceremony of the day, I typically bathe to cleanse my spirit and relax my physical body. I fast almost every day, allowing only my morning coffee during the day and enjoying an amazing meal in the evening. I love to cook, and I enjoy cooking from scratch which provides me with an amazing experience to end my days. My husband has chose to fast with me, which also helps with this routine.

I ride as much as I can, which is never as much as I would like. I journal about once a week, and after substantial dreams or visions.  Overall my routine is one that fulfills my personal individual interests and characteristics. Astrology helped me discover what works best for me, if you haven't dive into your birth chart to learn more.

How do you meditate?

I meditate through becoming the observer. This allows me to freely experience this existence without becoming attached to the situations and experience. I find a comfortable position, and I often move around during meditation. Again, I am the observer, my physical body can do whatever it likes, I am not my body.  From that logic, I am also not my thoughts. I allow my thoughts to flow freely during meditation. I observe them, and they fall away. The farther I push myself to only observe, the more centered I become, and the less attached I am to my ego and my thoughts. The same is said for my emotions, as well as my spirit.

Why is shamanic healing & chakra balancing free, while mediumship has a charge associated with it?

In 2020 the Creator told me to remove all costs associate with healing appointments. Mediumship appointments utilize oracle like services. This requires me to sit down, channel messages specifically for you and demand a great deal more energy (It's crazy!!) than a healing appointment. Because during a healing appointment, I am developing and growing my own self, and utilizing the Creator's energy. By doing this, they aren't draining, they aren't exhausting, they are simply my time. After the appointments we visit about what I saw and what they need to do going forward. I gain a massive amount of wisdom, and I enjoy this energy exchange. Whereas with tarot, I have been taken advantage of and disrespected in many ways by people abusing free readings. Because of this, I do not do tarot readings for free unless I chose to do so.

What are your opinions about the end of times rumors?

Let those who see, see. Let those who hear, hear.

What is your favorite place to meditate?

On the back of a horse.

I have provided booking information below for ease of access. If you have any questions feel free to email me and I will work to respond as soon as possible.



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Victoria Dellapaolera
Victoria is a Christian minister practicing spiritual healing and development in Williston, North Dakota. Victoria has worked with horses her entire life, and has learned many of her healing techniques from the horses. She graduated from West Virginia University in 2020 Magna Cum Laude with a bachelors degree in Human Services and Sports and Exercise Psychology; gaining her associates degree in Farm and Ranch Management and Equitation from Dawson Community College in Glendive, Montana in 2012.. Victoria received her shamanic rites in 2018, after spending the majority of her life with the spirit of the horse learning the basics of communication, healing, and intuition.
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