Finding The Path

While we journey through life, we can find ourselves lost, wounded, and exhausted. Often times we spend so many years dedicated to an external goal, that we forget who we are along the way. We lose our faith, we lose our personalities, and we find ourselves out of balance within ourselves.

Life has it’s cruel ways of slamming doors in our faces, breaking our hearts, and taking those we love from us. It has a way of managing to break our hearts, and hurt us time and time again. But once we prepare ourselves for the journey, life begins to become a bit more manageable. To begin to prepare for the journey, we have to know what the journey is. We have to know who we are, and what we have gone through to get us to this period of our lives.

We have to create a connection to source, we have to create a relationship with the Creator. The more we build a relationship with the Creator, the more we begin to know ourselves. In order to know our path, we must know ourselves. Every tragedy, every hiccup and trauma that we have experienced along the way have led us to this exact moment, right were we need to be. We like to believe that life is complicated and rigid, but in reality life is delicate and fragile. One decision today could change your entire life.

Stop second guessing yourself. Stop believing you are unworthy of spiritual redemption or forgiveness. Each and every individual has the ability to see through the illusions and begin a path of happiness and wellness, it just requires work. Some of people love work, and some people would rather die. The choice is yours, and refusing to make a choice, is a choice.

In order to find your path, you must first find yourself.

To find ourselves, means to love all aspects of ourselves. From combat experiences, toxic relationships, mistakes, and shortcomings; we have to learn to forgive ourselves and love our mistakes- to LEARN from our mistakes.

Once we begin to walk the path towards finding who we are, we begin to truly heal.

If we seek happiness and abundance, we have to begin living a healthy lifestyle. The challenges with this lie in the constructs of society which are limiting and have negative influences on our spiritual centeredness and internal temperance. We are tempted by the convenience of garbage foods, the taste of sugar drinks, the lust of pop culture and the wrath of war. We are parts of this society, which means we are influenced by these experiences and they have an impact on us.

But when we begin to walk our paths, we begin to participate less and less in society, and begin to heal and evolve as individuals. This healing is as contagious as your best friends laugh, and a small smile from your crush. The cyclic nature of this evolution creates the experience of living life to it’s fullest, which brings us bliss and contentment with what we have in our lives. We begin to love ourselves, which makes it easier for us to love others.

We begin to nurture our souls, nurture the Earth and find connectedness in our spirits.

Finding our path leads us to our happiness, no matter what that is; and by finding this path and pursuing spiritual healing; you are living life to it’s fullest potential.

Victoria Dellapaolera
Victoria Dellapaolera

Victoria is a Christian minister practicing spiritual healing and development in Williston, North Dakota. Victoria has worked with horses her entire life, and has learned many of her healing techniques from the horses.

She graduated from West Virginia University in 2020 Magna Cum Laude with a bachelors degree in Human Services and Sports and Exercise Psychology; gaining her associates degree in Farm and Ranch Management and Equitation from Dawson Community College in Glendive, Montana in 2012.

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