Eucalyptus Basics

Please note that I am not a medical professional, and these tips should not be used as a replacement for a physician or medical professional. I hope you enjoy this article and find some guidance and help to better your physical, spiritual and mental health.

Eucalyptus oil is one of my go to oils in my medicine cabinet. Eucalyptus works great for boosting our immune systems, allergies, sore throats, congestion and is a natural analgesic. My favorite use of Eucalyptus is for spiritual protection and cleansing my home.


Eucalyptus for spiritual health.

Eucalyptus Oil works really well for our spiritual health and well being by working to naturally calm the mind and reduce worries by reducing tension. By diluting eucalyptus oil with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil, we can begin to see massive impacts on the spiritual healing properties.

Eucalyptus works best as a protection oil and when used properly can help clear out negative energy from our homes. To use eucalyptus oil for this intention, we must set our intentions and practice respect and gratitude.

Begin by praying for protection in a way that honors your faith and practice. Once you have said your prayers, gather your diffuser, water, eucalyptus oil, and any secondary oils you'd like to add such as lavender oil and ylang ylang.

Bless your water by praying over it. Focusing your intentions on protection and removing negativity from your energy and home. Pray over this water, and slowly pour it into your diffuser. Add 5 drops of eucalyptus, praying for protection and cleansing, then add 3 drops of Lavender oil praying for protection, and finally the ylang ylang oil. Once you are completed with this, say a prayer of gratitude and thanks for spirits assistance, and focus on finding gratitude in your day to day lives.

Diffuse this blend for an hour. You can diffuse this blend periodically throughout the day, diffusing for 1 hour at a time to get the most benefit from the blend. Diffusing for longer will not hurt, but you will no longer be receiving aromatherapy benefits after the 1 hour period.

This blend would be beneficial to use prior to a meditation ritual to help not only protect you, but offer calming and peaceful energy into your space.

Eucalyptus works to clear our energy and aura, which allows us to work through our shadows and raise our frequency or "vibrations" into a higher level of consciousness. Applying a similar blend into a bath, a rollerbottle or a room spray would bring the same benefits as a diffuser.

Eucalyptus and Meditation

By utilizing protection and cleansing oils into our practice, we can help work through spiritual blockages in our wellness. By utilizing tools such as eucalyptus oil in meditation, we can help ourselves heal faster, grow, and develop as individuals. Using a protection oil during meditation can offer extreme benefits for our wellness by protecting us from negative entities, removing toxic attachments, and assisting us in creating a connection to the divine.

It's vital that we establish this protection, as spiritual attachments are becoming more prevalent as the world around us become more chaotic and hateful. Because of this, the collective energy struggles with raising vibration. This energy surrounds us at all times, in the grocery store, at work, in the media, and it follows us into our cars and our homes. By working to create these safe spaces where our energy is not only protected, but cleansed, we are able to find temperance within us, which facilitated the natural desire for homeostasis of our wellness- mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

By utilizing this spiritual protection in addition to mindfulness, exercise, diet and spiritual development we can see this wellness begin to improve, thus raising the vibration of our souls.

Eucalyptus for relationships

Eucalyptus is a great oil to use to diffuse situations because of it's energy cleansing properties. By diffusing eucalyptus oil after (or before a fight if you know you are full of tension or anger) we can help cleanse our space and move forward past negative energies and instead work towards mending relationships.

Eucalyptus oil works to remove negative energies and heal our souls. By using this oil when we are in conflict, it will work to bring everyone together not only because it works as a calming agent but because of these cleansing properties. In addition, fights with our significant others welcome in negative spiritual attachments which eat away at our relationships and drag our souls into lower frequencies and vibrations. This can lead to violence, abuse, depression and addictions. By using eucalyptus oil, we can help create a primary prevention system for our souls. Spiritual protecting us in addition to our Faith and prayers.


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