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Shamanic Reiki Victoria Dellapaolera

This moon transit welcomes energies that will help us dive deeper into our psyche and philosophy of the universe within us, and the Universe around us.

During the Lunar Eclipse, we will meditate and focus on activating those deeper aspects of ourselves, while gathering a deeper understanding. Although the eclipse will not be visible in Colorado at this time, it's energies will still be present.

Traditionally, a fast for 9 hours prior to the meditation will occur, but fasting is not required.  This meditation and activation will begin at sunset on the evening of Friday June 5th. Supper will be provided once the meditation is complete.

Spiritual Healing

About the instructor

Victoria is a Shaman, Reiki Master and Psychic Medium. She works as a light worker, working to bring more light and love into our souls, and the collective.

As a practicing Christian, she brings in aspects from Christianity into Shamanic perspectives and brings with her a unique style of awakening. 

Victoria will be staying with you for the duration of this retreat, and is open to questions and discussion throughout the trip.

Heal your soul 

What to expect in this Shamanic Reiki Retreat

Shamanic Reiki Retreat

June 4th-7th 2020

Nederland Colorado

This is a four day, three night retreat in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The closest airport is Denver International Airport, which is 60 miles east. This retreat is hosted on the shores of a mountain lake in the beautiful mountain town of Nederland, CO.


Day one begins at 6 pm on Thursday June 4th and features a home cooked meal and a Shamanic Journey complete with drumming, singing and chanting under the stars.  Stay up as late as you'd like as we have open discussions, sharing of experiences and creating memories to last a lifetime.

Day two begins with an optional meditation at dawn, after which we will meet for breakfast around 8:30.  Then we will enjoy the beautiful landscape of Colorado, weather permitting, as we discuss Reiki energy and discover the vast wisdom Reiki possesses. During this time, we will meditate for a brief period and activate our chakras. In the afternoon, we will have time to explore Denver independently or as a group. We will meet back for dinner, and end the night with another Shamanic Journey. June 5th is a Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse, and we will be channeling these energies during our Shamanic Journey on this day.

Day three will begin with breakfast, and Reiki attunements. After lunch, we will visit the Salt Cave in Denver where we will have a private group meditation in the cave. Led by Victoria, this meditation will allow us to dive deeper into our shadows and release those energies we are holding on to. By working with the spirit guides and angels we have met in the previous days, we will work on healing the massive trauma's in our pasts. We will then discuss how we can create a plan to keep us on our path to our highest intentions after everyone heads home.

Day four will conclude this retreat, with an optional meditation at dawn and open discussion over breakfast. This allows for Sunday travel. Please have accommodations established before 2pm on Sunday June 7th.


Shamanic Healing

Lunar Eclipse Activation Meditation

Full Moon Reiki

A Lunar Eclipse welcomes in opportunities to grow and thrive in our meditations. Working on our spiritual selves at this time allows us deeper access in our meditations, and increases our ability to meditate.

This Full Moon is in Sagittarius which welcomes in energies of learning, teaching and growth. This is a wonderful time for digging into philosophy.

This moon transit welcomes an energy to travel and explore new regions.  This transit also encourages time spent outdoors, and will assist with our journey's into the Shamanic realm.

Shamanic Healing


The cost of this retreat is $1,000. An initial payment of $250 is due at booking and is non refundable. 

This includes lodging and meals during the retreat. You are responsible for transportation to Nederland Colorado before and after the retreat.  

If you are unable to make your reservation for this retreat, it is your responsibility to sell your seat or forfeit your initial payment. 


PayPal Credit is accepted, and is subject to credit approval. 


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