6.2021 Connecting with the Christ Consciousness | Grounding into the 5D | Fire Circle

Building upon a poor foundation will lead to structures and beliefs that are without strength or depth. In order for us to expand in our consciousness and rise to higher frequencies, to welcome in the love of God without limit, without fear, without shame, we must align ourselves to receive the consciousness of Christ, to ground ourselves into the reality of the 5D, and to understand what this frequency means for us.

Independent Study and Development

Did you see a reflection in the mirror?

If not, what did you see? Did you see nothingness? Could this be your subconscious speaking to you, saying that it feels invisible? Dive deeper into what you saw in the mirror.

What did you see while you were climbing to a higher perspective in your consciousness? Journal about what you felt and saw during this experience to gain the most from this event.

What did you feel during the experience?

Did you fall asleep? If so, that is okay. How did you feel upon waking up?


Module 1 2021 Fire Circles
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Container 5 6.2021 Connecting with the Christ Consciousness | Grounding into the 5D | Fire Circle  - Preview
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