Guided meditations are a huge tool to use while we embark on personal development and spiritual expansion. I have been practicing meditation for over a decade now, learning first how to meditate while spending my summers in the badlands on my horse, alone.

Through the years, my meditative practice has grown, allowing my consciousness to enter states of flow, temperance, and peace. Allowing a gentle transition into a trance state, allowing the journeys which I perform during healing ceremonies.

This transcendental form of shamanic healing requires nothing more than meditation, and breath; allowing me to perform healings without sacred medicines or physical arousal. This peaceful, quiet, ancient energy was gifted to me from Makoshika, the land in which I was born and raised upon.

In this container, you will find guided meditations broke into three categories, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. As my journey progresses, I will continue to share more recordings with this container.  In this space, we are blessed with space to release, heal, and find centeredness.

Join me as I share with you, the ancient wisdom, peace, and centeredness I found in the badlands.

Module 1 Beginner Guided Meditations
Container 1 Spiritual Protection | Guided Meditation
Container 2 Grounding Meditation and Journaling Prompts
Container 3 Finding Grace Meditation
Container 4 Root Chakra Meditation and Journaling Prompts
Container 5 Sacral Chakra Meditation and Journaling
Container 6 Solar Plexus Meditation and Journaling Prompts
Container 7 Heart Chakra Meditation and Journaling Prompts
Container 8 Throat Chakra Meditation and Journaling Prompts
Container 9 Manifestation Meditation
Container 10 Meet Your Spirit Guide | Guided Meditation
Container 11 Learning To Relax | Guided Meditation
Container 12 Learning How to Release | Guided Meditation
Container 13 Becoming One With The Breath | Guided Meditation
Container 14 Pursuit of Inner Peace | Guided Meditation
Module 2 Intermediate Guided Meditations
Container 1 Building A Consistent Breathwork Practice | Tips and Guidance
Container 2 Creating A Strong Grounding Frequency | Guided Meditation
Container 3 Spiritual Protection Guided Meditation | White Light Practice
Container 4 Earth Star Chakra Meditation
Module 3 Advanced Guided Meditations
There are no units in this module.