Introduction to Chakras


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This online course is going to be unlike anything you have every taken online before. This course is fluid, which means that I am going to continuously be adding content throughout time. This course will never be completed, as the journey into our chakras is never ending.

This is unconventional in this day and age, I am aware. But as I have forced this workshop in the past and made myself complete it in a specific timeline, I realized that was counter intuitive.  I was working myself up sick about this course, feeling as though I was "letting down" those who were students studying this course, and I was reminded instead how I need to trust my intuition, and allow this course to flow just as we naturally do.


This course is created to stir deeper thought and awareness of your chakra systems and how they connect with our health and wellness. This course is unlike any other chakra course, bringing in spiritual concepts from a wide variety of religions, and lectures that are recorded with no editing or filters.

This course is learning about your chakras from a shaman who has been practicing spiritual healing publicly for 2 years, while walking a spiritual path since 2013.  Access to this course also includes exclusive chakra articles, guided meditations from my online meditation collection and journal prompts to help encourage a deeper introspection of your own chakras

This course is going to teach you more than just about chakras. It will teach you to slow down, take each day a moment at a time and to just be. To become the observer of owns out thoughts, emotions, feelings and spirit. This course features a "drip content" unit distribution, which means you have to wait a set amount of time after completing each unit in order to advance to the next chakra.

I have specifically set this up in this manner to force us to slow down, digest the content and truly meditate on our chakras.

Journal Entries

For each chakra there will be a series of homework pieces requiring journal entries. Journal entries are not graded, nor submitted. These journal entries will assist you in self healing and developing a better understanding with yourself. Journal entries are private, and are never shared with anyone else. You will only get out of this course what you put into it, so embrace any method that works for you to dive deeper into yourself and make self discoveries that stay with you over time.


Each unit has a short quiz to help develop a better understanding of the course content. Course materials are allowed to be used during quizzes. Quizzes grades do not matter, and are a range of multiple choice, true/false, and short answer questions.


Self Healing & Spiritual Healing Ceremony

All students are highly encouraged to ask questions, pursue deeper reading materials, and reserve healing ceremony throughout this online course.

Module 1 Begin Here
Container 1 How to use this course  - Preview
Container 2 Grounding Meditation
Container 3 Creating Your Spiritual Library
Container 4 Introduction to Chakra Lecture
Container 5 Chakra Healing Basics
Container 6 Introduction Journal Entry
Module 2 Root Chakra
Container 1 Root Chakra Meditation
Container 2 Root Chakra Lecture
Container 3 Root Chakra Information
Container 4 Root Chakra Philosophy
Container 5 Root Chakra Journal Entry
Module 3 Sacral Chakra
Container 1 Sacral Chakra Meditation
Container 2 Sacral Chakra Information
Container 3 Sacral Chakra Lecture
Container 4 Sacral Chakra Philosophy
Container 5 Sacral Chakra Journal Entry
Module 4 Solar Plexus Chakra
Container 1 Solar Plexus Meditation
Container 2 Solar Plexus Information
Container 3 Solar Plexus Lecture
Container 4 Solar Plexus Philosophy
Container 5 Solar Plexus Journal Entry
Module 5 Heart Chakra
There are no units in this module.
Module 6 Throat Chakra
There are no units in this module.
Module 7 Third Eye Chakra
There are no units in this module.
Module 8 Crown Chakra
There are no units in this module.
Module 9 Earth Star Chakra
There are no units in this module.
Module 10 Soul Star Chakra
There are no units in this module.