Citrine, manifesting abundance and success


Citrine is a crystal everyone should have in their healing arsonal. Unfortunately, many citrine pieces are fakes! Citrine is often time fake, and actually heat treated Amethyst. Although it's not genuine citrine, this heat treated amethyst offers the same healing properties, just not as well as authentic citrine due to some slight energetic differences between the two crystals.

A great resource for diving into more information regarding heat treated amethyst and fake citrine is Hibiscus Moon. I highly recommend watching her videos on the difference between real and fake citrine, and how to spot a fake!

But let's get started on why citrine is a great crystal to have, and what energies this crystal possesses.

Citrine Basics

Citrine is a variety of quartz, which is why heat treated amethyst works similarly to citrine (but as I mentioned above, not as strong as the real deal). Citrine is said to be the merchant's stone or the success stone, and this is due to the crystals ability to help us manifest our desires in life, manifest abundance and success in business ventures and finances. Citrine is a honey, yellow, or lemon variety of quartz- and gets this color from heat from the Earth. It's no surprise that this crystal helps manifest our desires, as a strong connection to our Earth Star Chakra help us manifest as well!

Citrine is associated with our solar plexus chakra, and helps us to find balance in anger, stress and boosts our self-esteem. Citrine is also great for our digestive system as it helps our solar plexus chakra. Citrine helps us dissipate negative energy, cleanse our aura's and remove energy toxins from our lives. I have citrine placed in my office to help me manifest abundance in my business, help me navigate away from toxic people in this lifetime and to help me write these blog posts!

This crystal is also great for helping us feel better by offering that extra boost in self esteem. By boosting our self-esteem, this crystal helps us find our power, our confidence and helps to fuel our intuition and gut instincts. By wearing this crystal and meditating with this crystal you can begin to feel more confident in yourself and discover your true powers.

Using Citrine

You can wear citrine as a necklace, place it around your home or office and meditate with citrine placed upon your chakras or energy centers. It's wise to meditate with this crystal when we are embarking on new adventures, meditating with the new moon or trying to manifest our dreams and goals. Placing this crystal on top of your manifestation notebook, wearing it or carrying it in your pocket are all great ways to utilize this crystal in your practice.

Any time you begin to feel as though someone is stealing your power, someone is killing your self-esteem or otherwise making you feel unworthy or unappreciated, this is a good crystal to use!

Citrine is a powerful crystal that can connect us with our power, help us recall our power back to us and give us the courage to stand up for ourselves and what is right. Citrine is also a great crystal for embracing the joys of life, happiness and abundance. (It's also the perfect crystal to use when you're trying to sell your house!)



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