Bergamot Essential Oil and Mental Health

Bergamot Essential Oil


Bergamot is one of my favorite essential oils because of the wonderful citrus scent and the vast uses this oil has! As we can discover amazing details and information on the basics of this oil in a quick Google search, I wanted to dive deeper into what Bergamot can do for us, and what benefits we can see in the various uses for this oil.

Bergamot had been proven in a 2013 study to reduce anxiety in patients awaiting outpatient surgery when diffused prior to the surgery. By utilizing bergamot in conjunction with oils such as lavender, sweet orange, grapefruit, frankincense, or jasmine, we can help manage our anxiety and stress.

Bergamot Basics

Bergamot is an essential oil that must be diluted before use. My favorite carrier oils are coconut oil and jojoba oil. It's important to remember not to ingest essential oils, but to diffuse or apply topically. Bergamot is a very strong essential oil, and shouldn't be inhaled directly from the jar. Instead, dilute the oil to a 2% dilution. I like to work with 10mL bottles for my roller bottles, so in that instance for a 2% dilution you would place 5 drops of bergamot in the bottle, and fill the remaining space in the bottle with your carrier oil.

You can blend this oil up to 5% dilution if you feel the 2% isn't strong enough for your liking. I personally like to dilute around 4%, but it isn't wise to use these dilutions on children, elderly or expecting mothers.  Bergamot has been labeled as "safe" for use with pregnancy, but consulting with your physician is always encouraged before using any essential oil or herbal medicine.

Bergamot can also react to UV light, so try not to apply right before heading out into the direct sun. Apply a small amount to your forearm to test any sensitivities to bergamot before you begin using this blend regularly.


Bergamot Uses

Bergamot can be used for a variety of uses, such as hair conditioner, acne and skin treatments, and even lowering cholesterol. But the main use I am going to discuss today is anxiety and mental health applications of this oil. Bergamot when diffused into the air can reduce stress and anxiety.  By diffusing bergamot diluted into a carrier oil you not only extend the use of this relatively expensive oil, but you also create an environment that is gentler and easier on the senses, as bergamot undiluted can cause irritation on our skin and in our mucus membranes.

Bergamot Essential Oil and Our Chakras

Bergamot works with our heart chakras to help release stress, pain and grief in our lives. Bergamot also affects our solar plexus and allows us to cope with anger and resentment as well. Bergamot can be diluted in a roller-bottle and applied to our heart chakra or solar plexus chakras or diffused into the air when we feel stressed, anxious or depressed.




Bergamot Recipe:

Bergamot is a "top note" essential oil, so blending this oil with lavender (middle note) and frankincense (base note) would create a pleasant scent and allow you to create a great "zen space" feeling.

10 mL Roller-bottle

4 drops of Bergamot

3 drops of Lavender

2 drops of Frankincense

Carrier oil (Fractionated Coconut oil)

Place bergamot, lavender and frankincense into your roller-bottle while meditating on stress reduction and anxiety. Once you have all the oils into the bottle, fill the remaining space in the bottle with coconut oil. Place the roller-ball and lid on the bottle and shake for 10 seconds, while meditating or focusing your intentions on anxiety relief.  You can pour these contents into a diffuser, apply topically to your chakras, or simply smell this blend when you're beginning to feel overwhelmed, anxious or stressed.


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