Becoming & Venom

In my life I have had many meditations, all with various meanings and representations regarding different aspects of my life or the world around us. But this vision came to me in a different way. I have had only three vision in my life, with this one being the most profound and impactful one. I am happy to share this intimate vision with my patrons. Because of your love and support, I am able to follow this path.


This vision brings me to the Black Hills of South Dakota. Before me appears a cottonwood tree. I try to climb the tree, but fail numerous times. My bare feet and hands are raw, the flesh begin ripped from my body by the rough bark of the tree. I keep trying to climb the tree, but I keep slipping, falling to the ground.

I kneel at the bottom of the tree, and I begin to pray. I begin chanting a song from my soul. I pray for the Creator- Yahweh- to guide me and to help me. I feel his energy around me, and I feel lighter. I begin to climb the tree again, but this time it was less difficult.  I climbed higher and higher up this cottonwood tree, and before my eyes, the tree began to grow higher and higher.

Yahweh guides me higher and higher up this giant cottonwood. The higher I climb, the larger the tree becomes. I carefully place my feet among the branches, meticulously climbing the tree. Before me, the branches begin to form a spiral staircase up into the heavens. I carefully walk up this staircase made from the branches of this tree, feeling the Creators presence surround me and fill me.

I continue following the branches. Higher and higher into the cottonwood tree.

Before me appears a large branch. I pause for a moment, and look out over the horizon. I can see all the way to the Rockie Mountains to the west of me, and to the east of me the skies are filled with great plumes of ink black smokes. The mountains are reaching to the heavens, and radiate divine grace and pure love. The destruction to the East is spreading, and consuming the world. The smoke is choking out the mountains, choking out the creation, choking out the light. The Creator showed me the smoke, seeping into everything in the world. Seeping into the hearts of many, bringing with it hate, evil, trauma, and destruction. The smoke is ravaging the land.

I feel the tree begin to connect to my heart. I  press my heart against the rough bark of the tree, and I can feel the connection growing stronger and stronger. I feel connected to the tree. I am becoming the tree. I can feel the energy of the Creator flowing down from the heavens. Down through the leaves of the cottonwood, I can feel the divine energy flowing down from my crown, through my hair and into my body. I can feel the energy pulsating through my spinal cord, through my heart, my nervous system, my blood and my breath.

I become one with the tree. I feel her pain. I feel grandmother Earths pain. Gaia's pain. I feel the energy from the Earth and the Divine flowing through me and the tree. Pulsating up from the trees roots, my roots. Flowing down from the heavens, through the leaves. My leaves. Through my hair. My hair feels as though it is glowing, charged with this energy from the Creator and Grandmother Earth.

Both are full of love. Full of life.

I can feel the pain of the Earth. My heart begins to hurt. I can see people screaming, people from all Nations screaming hate. Screaming until their voices go hoarse. Their eyes blacked by hate. Even the bluest of eyes, blacked by hate. Their faces possessed with this anger. Their mouths spewing this venom, poisoning those around them. Their demonic laughter fills their air, as I watch them torture a man on the ground before them.

Their smiles filled with wickedness. Their eyes blacked by hate. They don't want peace, they want the world to burn. I can see them destroying the oil fields, the prairies, all life that stands in their way to be burned. The forests, the animals, the people who stand in their way, these evil energies want it all to be destroyed. Possessing souls of people to do their bidding, the smoke taunts me, laughs at me. Pure wickedness, and it has possessed us for so long we don't even recognize it.

I begin to pray. I begin singing my prayers, sending them to the heavens. My heartbeat becomes my drum, and my voice carries my prayers up higher and higher to the Creator. I pray for the Earth to heal, for everyone to connect with their souls, asking the creator to bring our souls back into our bodies. Luring our souls back to each body, to each person.

I pray for everyone to take their power back from this evil. To heal the rot in our roots, for souls to find center and balance again. I pray for those to heal from the physical, sexual, and verbal abuses we are seeing in this world. I see people screaming venom at me, saying awful things. Their words like poison, hurting my heart, dragging me down and drowning out my light. And I pray for them. I allow the Creator to work through me, through my pain of what they are saying to me, about me. I feel his love pouring through me, to this evil. To these souls who can not speak without spewing venom. Baby rattlesnakes appear everywhere on the ground, attacking each other, emptying their venom without care or control into anything that moves. People appear from all nations, as the snakes strike at them.

I pray for forgiveness for the snakes. I pray for forgiveness for those they have killed, for those whose lives they have ruined, for the venom they have spread around. The smoke billows higher and higher into the skies, raining down darkness.

I begin to pour energy into the tree. I pray for the Creator's trees to filter the smoke. For his rains to extinguish these fires, for his angels to protect those who carry love in their hearts, and to guide those possessed by this evil to unconditional love. I pray for his angels to guide everyone through this spiritual war.

Allow us to heal our souls, and to release the hate we are holding in our eyes, in our souls.


Victoria Dellapaolera
Victoria Dellapaolera

Victoria is a Christian minister practicing spiritual healing and development in Williston, North Dakota. Victoria has worked with horses her entire life, and has learned many of her healing techniques from the horses.

She graduated from West Virginia University in 2020 Magna Cum Laude with a bachelors degree in Human Services and Sports and Exercise Psychology; gaining her associates degree in Farm and Ranch Management and Equitation from Dawson Community College in Glendive, Montana in 2012.

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