Support Accessible Spiritual Healing

Healing is a God Given Right

I do charge for my ceremonies, but because of the love and support I have received from my community I am able to offer limited quantities of free ceremonies. Because of this beautiful worldwide community I am able to reach people from all walks of life.

I am able to do distance healing without video calls, so if you have an elder that struggles with technology, is in hospice, or otherwise unavailable to video call, please email me and I will happily provide healing free of charge.

If you are in a poverty situation and are searching for guidance and healing to manifest a better tomorrow, email me and we can discuss scholarship opportunities.

Social Media Support

Social media is where the majority of my work comes from, which is wise to then say that social media is where my most support comes from, and where it is wise to have good reach and engagement.Your love and support on social media places me in front of others who may need me in their lives.

By showing support on social media, you are helping me with my purpose of healing souls; and that has a true impact on people, as silly as it might sound.


Meditation Purchases

This is my favorite way to receive support from my tribe, as this works to raise the vibration of the entire collective. This benefits not only you and me, but also each and every person on this planet. I highly encourage everyone to begin a spiritual practice that involves either (if not both!) prayer and meditation, as well as safe fasting. Always discuss with your doctor before you begin a fasting practice.

Premium Memberships

Premium memberships are vital to my ability to provide ceremony virtually. Because of the continued support of my premium members I was able to provide over 1,000 ceremonies in 2020, reaching individuals from over 56 different regions, from States within the United States, to Brazil, Australia, India, Israel, Egypt, Europe and many more. Because of the support of my premium members, I have been able to reach more people, perform ceremony and begin raising the collective conscious one person at a time.

Premium memberships include all of my meditations, a monthly private 1:1 coaching session, exclusive content and opportunities for growth as well as product savings.

Product Purchases

Looking for spiritual tools? Self care help? Self love? Looking to just treat yo self? Keep me in mind. I personally hand make each and every item in my shop, excluding special items within the mystery boxes. I am an aromatherapist, studying essential oils and aromatherapy since 2011. I began my essential oil journey through equine massage when my horse Shiloh was severely injured, and needed daily massages and stretches to aid in her healing. From there I began implementing oils into my massages, and it just grew from there.

Now I deeply enjoy using these oils in my spiritual practice, a direct essence of Creation. Be sure to check out the shop, all purchases directly support free spiritual healing.


Spiritual Healer Shaman Williston North Dakota

And More Importantly. Thank you

Thank you for trusting me and welcoming me into your spiritual journey. This is a beautiful period of your life and I am very honored to be a piece of that. Just you using my website and my free membership helps me stay motivated, and inspired to continue working as I am in this physical reality.

Thank you, from my heart to yours.