August Monthly Message

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This means not all statements made in this reading may resonate with you. If you truly do not feel like a message resonates with you, simply disregard. The message was not intended for you if it doesn't resonate.

General Message August 2019

The first week of August is going to have a little bit of a shadow from the Mercury retrograde that ends on July 31st. July 31st also marks the Black New Moon in Leo, which is a super moon. This new moon is a black new moon, because it is the second new moon in the month of July.

July 31st is a good day to set your intentions, and to also remember to have patience. Nothing is going to be worth having that comes easy.  You might feel drawn to be impulsive during this week- but remember that shadow from Mercury Retrograde is still affecting us, so focus on slowing down your energy and impulsiveness. Be mindful of your honesty in this week, as you will feel screwed in a situation. A little bit of dishonesty will make you feel like you are not as screwed- but in reality it will burn you in the long run. Stand your ground, stay calm and you will adapt to change just fine.

The rest of the month of August will be good for you. It involves resting, enjoying this time and spending time outdoors. Take a break from the chaos of life and enjoy your surroundings more. Don't miss the opportunities to spend evenings BBQ with friends, time on the lake or those beautiful summer nights. August is going to be a perfect timing for this.

Explore this time and enjoy the freedoms summer is bringing you now- don't sit around and mope about how shitty or uneventful your summer has been thus far, instead just embrace the now and move forward.


Romance General Reading:

Rest. Yes- that is the only message I have for you for romance in this Leo season. REST, enjoy this time and whatever comes to you, comes to you. Don't try to force this romance and don't chase it. Let love come to you, while you sip your drinks on the beach in a lawn chair- soaking in the beautiful rays from the sun.



Astrology for August 2019

It's Leo season baby! 

On July 23nd, the Sun moved into the sign of Leo. Leo is a fire sign and is ruled by the Sun. So bring on this summer month for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Leo's are all about first impressions, and they are HUGE on appearance and are very ambitious. Leo's take center stage extremely well and very few have shy tenancies.

Channel this energy from Leo, and find your inner confidence- just be mindful of being burned by the sun; not everyone is going to tan well in a Leo sun!

*If you are a Leo and you don't resonate... take a look at your moon and ascending signs, I feel you will find your horoscope as a whole describes you well. 

Think of the Leo's as the Lion- King of the Jungle- or Safari, whatev.

Leo Dates: July 23 – August 22
Symbol: Lion
Element: Fire
Planet: Sun
House: Fifth
Color: Purple, gold

July goes out with a bang- with the Leo Black Super New Moon

  • Black New Moon is because it is the second new moon in the month of July
  • Super Moon is because the moon is slightly closer to Earth than normal, and therefore appears larger in the sky.
  • Leo because the moon will be in the sign of Leo- all new moons will have the same zodiac sign as the sun- hence New Moon.

This new moon will bring energy of new beginnings, setting intentions and fresh starts. This particular New Moon reminds us to stay patient- especially in the week following the New Moon.

What a great way to kick off August and the Leo season.  July 31st would be a beautiful time to do a New Moon meditation and set your goals for the coming month. Mercury also goes direct on July 31st- again, a good ending to the shit storm July was.  This means communication is going to become easier, you're going to have less set backs and overall- everything is going to mellow out over the following weeks.  Be mindful of the shadow that precedes and proceeds a Mercury Retrograde- you might not see the effects of the retrograde truly fade away until around August 5th.

Leo season is going to be a tad difficult for Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus signs (Either Rising, Moon or Sun signs)- mostly because they are stubborn and set in their ways.

The fire signs Sagittarius, Aries and Leo will be given the opportunity to be THRIVING and doing well!!  For the rest of us, Leo season will be a good turn around for everyone's luck, fun and chill vibes because Jupiter (the planet of luck and prosperity) will be going direct on August 11th. Relax, have some fun and enjoy this month! As for you Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus signs- stop being so damn stubborn and maybe Leo won't be so bad.

On August 11 Jupiter is going to go direct- holla some good luck vibes and abundance, and Mercury is going to enter Leo- so speak up about what you want, now is the time to do so! Uranus also goes retrograde on the 11th- so it is also a good time to find freedom within yourself and follow your hearts desires.

On August 18th- Mars will enter Virgo- which means details and specifics will drive you to reaching your desired goals, and on August 21, Venus also enters Virgo- and love is going to get real and steamy (Thanks Leo Season) Just chill in the mean time and let this energy come to you- don't seek it out. The message I am receiving for romance this month is to rest- so kick back, enjoy that mango margarita and get some rays girl!

On August 23rd, we will shift into Virgo season- tune in to the September newsletter to see how Virgo is going to treat you.

August 29th Mercury will enter Virgo, and August 30th we will have our New Moon in Virgo-

Can you see the pattern being set up for September, with Mars, Venus, Sun and Mercury going into Virgo this month!?

Keep your eyes peeled around the 23rd of August for the September newsletter!

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