Christianity & Halloween

Halloween and Christian Faith?

Halloween is upon us. Good ole All Hallows Eve- but lesser known as All Saints Eve... Halloween is a pagan tradition, that was molded into the Catholic Church by force of Roman Emperor Constantine. Taking this pagan feast day, and morphing it into a Christian feast day, Constantine created the utmost blasphemy against Torah. Now a Christian tradition, and coincides with various other traditions and beliefs from around the world.

All Hallows Eve is similar to Christmas Eve if you think about it. Christmas also being a Pagan celebration equating to Yule. All Saints Day (or Hallowmas) is a "holy day" to celebrate the saints of the Christian faith. All souls are capable of being saints and ascending into Heaven, this "holy day" celebrates them and their ascension. No where in any of the books to ever be in any Bible ever, are any of these "holy days' listed as feasts by Adoni, Messiah (Yahuah, Yahusha, Jesus) or literally, anywhere.

Hallow translates to Holy, and mas translates to Mass; therefore making Hallowmas- Holy Mass.  All Hallows Eve or Halloween is the eve to Hallowmas, and is a time of fasting and preparing for the following day.  The vigil for this feast on the eve of Hallowmas was known as All Hallows' Eve- which transformed into Halloween. The veil between our world and the spirit realm is the thinnest on this day, and that is where the rituals of costumes for Halloween began, to bring us protection from negative spirits and scaring them away.

All Saint's Day

In the Catholic faith, All Hallow's Day or All Saints Day is a day to commemorate all souls who have progressed into heaven, and laid to rest their sins, laid to rest the situations and pulls to this physical world. It recognizes those who have lived their lives full of love and light, and those have have found balance and peace in their souls.  As many of you may recognize, that is my purpose in this life, is to help souls find their peace before it is too late.

All Saints Day commemorates these souls, and remembers them in our hearts and brings honor our ancestors.

This day stems from a belief that there is a powerful spiritual bond between those in heaven, and the living, which goes against what Torah teaches.  All Saints Day is for giving God thanks for the lives and death of the Saints- known and unknown by the church. Popular saints such as Saint Jude, Saint Christopher, Saint Paul and Saint Michael all have their own separate days for celebration, but there are far too many saints for them to all have their own days- therefore All Saint's Day was created by the church in 835 AD by Pope Gregory IV. Nowhere in scripture are we to honor the saints with feast days, but we are told to honor the feast days given to Moses which are located in Leviticus and Deuteronomy in the old testament.

All Souls Day

On November 2nd, we remember our passed relatives and souls who have departed. If the 2nd falls on a Sunday, this day is moved to the 3rd of November.  It is believed that the souls we celebrate on All Souls Day are in purgatory, healing from their sins and working to transition into the next phase of ascension.  A tradition of "Soul Cakes" was stolen from pagan tradition, and applied during this day. The intentions are pure though, cooking these bread like cookies for the poor and sharing them on this day. Even with the corruption, we still must honor the pure intentions most carried while practicing these arbitrary feast days created by the Catholic church.

We are human, and we sin. We make mistakes, we hold onto imbalances in our souls and our spirits and sometimes, we just don't find that balance before we past. We hold on to greed, hate, our egos, shame and power. We can struggle with letting go of what pains us, and welcoming God into our hearts. We can struggle with this, and that is okay.

Not one person on this Earth is perfect. Not. One.

Some cultures will decorate the graves, make any repairs that are necessary and leave offerings for the deceased (this is more common in hispanic beliefs in coincidence with Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead

Allhallowtide and Various Faiths Around The World.

The Celtic festival of Samhain coincides with the Christian celebrations Halloween, All Saints Day, All Souls Day (Allhallowtide) of Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead), as well as other religious celebrations from various parts of the world- such as Pitru Paksha (Hindu) in India, the Chinese  Ghost Festival, the Japanese Bon Festival, and even the Roman custom of Lemuria.

All Hallows Eve
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Victoria Dellapaolera

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