Victoria Dellapaolera



Each and every one of us has a back story. A story who makes us who we are today. Filled with lessons, experiences, and perspectives that combine together to form who we are.

Learning from the good, the bad, and the ugly to evolve. Perfecting the practice of becoming. For me, this practice of becoming has been focused upon gaining a closer walk with Creator. To understand redemption, healing, and purifying of my own heart.

None of us are perfect, lest not myself. I have found through this journey that sharing my experience and perspectives can assist others in learning from their own lessons in life and allows for myself to reflect back upon my words. Ultimately bringing my soul closer to centeredness, my heart to peace, and allows my love to flow as freely as a mountain spring.



Growing up in rural Montana, my horsemanship started a bit rougher than it has been polished into today.

Since stepping off my last client horse, I vowed I’d never train for clients again.  I truly believe the horse is the mirror to our soul, and by training these horses in dominion, I wasn’t doing a service to my horse.

I was establishing myself, man, as superior to Creation. That Creation must bow to me, and my desires at my will. And instead I began to shift into a horsemanship of mindfulness, willingness, and partnership. We chose to exist in the training style we do, and it says more about our souls than we realize when we double down on methods that aren’t necessarily. Like laying down every horse you train, tying a leg up to saddle, mount, or trim your horse.

Dominion can not exist without some form of brutality, and I refuse to participate in brutality for humanities sake. I believe a true saddle horse takes years to develop, and a true bridle horse takes a lifetime. You can not rush true unity, and true unity can never be found in dominion.


I am simply here to listen, to advise based upon my own experiences and help others discover a connection with Creator.

I’ve walked the path of the lost, wandering in spirit searching for truth, disheartened by lies and deceit. Like a flame doused with water, I found my spirit crushed and forcefully assimilated into society, with minimal good; mostly the bad and the ugly.

I saw horses starved to death because of the community and the states inability to help a woman suffering from mental health and domestic abuse. I held a mare while she died, unable to stand or pull one last breath while men with leather soled shoes did nothing from their warm offices, myself in -20 weather for days at this point.

I’ve seen emotional and physical abandonment from parents to their children, personally bore witness to domestic violence involving emotional, financial, psychological and physical abuse.

I’ve witnessed alcoholism, drug addiction, and burn out in friends I’ve called sisters and in family I’ve never truly known. And more importantly so- I’ve witnessed God in all of these bad and ugly things, but in the good as well. 

As it is in the bad and the ugly, that we are allowed the redemption within to overcome. To seek the good, to seek a better self. To walk a path of uprightness, a narrow path guided by ethics and morals; guiding us through the journey of life.

Working to live a life of centeredness, to manifest Creators plan for me, to step into His light, and help others see how they are to do this in their own lives. Free from judgement, blessed by salvation and redemption of our souls, and fueled by forgiveness for ourselves, and those who have harmed us.

How am I of service? I am here, I am alive, I am creating, and I am listening.

Private discussions can be scheduled, group events are available bi-weekly, weekend gatherings happen once in a blue moon, and emails,texts, phone calls are always welcome.

Feel free to browse my schedule and set up a time to visit, shoot me message, or just browse my social feeds to see if anything I’ve published inspires you in some way.

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