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Heal the soul so the body can thrive.

Spiritual Healing is a Journey

This journey involves four aspects of wellness, the foundation of this represented within the medicine wheel and the four directions. Browse around and see what healing you may find here.

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Shamanic Ceremony for Personal Development

Sacred Ceremony is available for all that need spiritual healing, activations, rites, soul retrievals, and spiritual remedies. These ceremonies are sacred, and are only to be booked for those who are deeply desiring spiritual advancement.

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Articles for Spiritual Development

All articles require a membership to view. My free membership grants you limited access to my collection, but a premium membership offers much more support, resources, and growth opportunities.

Each article offers my perspective on a topic, often times inspired by personal events, societal events, spiritual experiences, visions, and by requests from members. Access articles with a free or premium membership.

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Wrestling with God


What is the point of life.

What is the purpose in life? This is a question I’ve asked myself many times. A question I have spent many meditations upon, many miles in hikes, trail rides and in the round pen. What is the purpose of life? Is it simple biology, the animalistic desire to reproduce at any cost? If so, why the need for a consciousness at all, if the only purpose is to reproduce? Because that isn’t our purpose, to simply focus on the primal reproductive aspects of life. Or could it be the success associated with mastering a sport or a career, filling our…


Beauty in the Ugly


The Four Directions Podcast Metamorphasis & Personal Development

Through the last few months, I’ve been focusing on working with my clients and myself. In this hermit stage I began to grow and heal at levels I never expected or thought possible.  From that metamorphosis, I am excited to be offering my gifts in different ways.  If you enjoyed this discussion about the metamorphosis energy and the caterpillar medicine and you’d like to hear more episodes like this, hit me up on Instagram or shoot me an email.  I’d love to hear from you.  Victoria  www.soulofthebadlands.com Instagram: Soul.of.the.Badlands victoria@victoriadellapaolera.com


9/9 Fire Circle Illumination & Awareness Activation

I initiated these virtual Fire Circles in 2020, and began sharing the recordings for these virtual events in 2021. Through this creation, I initiated these sacred containers to share with you today. With your premium membership, you have access to all recorded content, including meditations and Fire Circle Ceremonies. Interested in attending this free event live?


September prayers 🙏🏼Weathering the storm | Maintaining grace and Faith


Finding Our Purpose


Focus On Your Healing


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Group Ceremony Events


I created these group gatherings to assist us in navigating our journeys and best utilizing the current energies of today. These group events offer an environment to ask questions, grow, evolve, heal and overcome. As a certified meditation teacher I am trained, prepared, and able to lead you in successful meditation. My spiritual practice is aimed at gaining wisdom and ascending into the Kingdom of God. Learn more about my personal spiritual practice as a Christian, and discover your own path along the way.


Group ceremony is free to access and view live. You can watch the replays of these events with a premium membership or you can purchase each event individually.

My Meditation Philosophy

Spiritual | Mindfulness | Focused | Movement | Transcendental | Visualization | Body Scan | Reflection

Spiritual Healing Ceremony

It is through ceremony that I turned my life around, healed my soul, and began to experience friendships that were worth experiencing, relationships that were filled with love, and abundance in all areas of my life; INCLUDING finances.

All from following my faith, and intuition. By devoting my life to the sacred path.

Shamanic Ceremony works to heal in all aspects of the medicine wheel, and are performed either in person in Williston, North Dakota or virtually.