Embarking on our Spiritual Journeys

After You've Booked Your Appointment

You should receive a confirmation email confirming your appointment date and time. This email will contain information on how to join your private video call with me as well as any other information pertaining to your appointment.

Please arrive about five minutes early to your appointment. There is a waiting room established with zoom, once the ceremonial space is established, Victoria will welcome you into the space.

At the time of your appointment- try to find as quite of a place as possible. Somewhere you feel safe, comfortable and with as few disruptions as possible. Be sure you have proper internet access via an internet, wifi, or cellular connection. If your service drops, know that the energy is still flowing, and your ceremony is still progressing. Simply relax and enjoy, we will be in touch.

Zoom video calls are best on your laptop- unless you have a tripod or a way to prop up your cell phone. You will get out of these experiences what you are open to receiving. Be sure your environment is as relaxing and as free of disturbances as possible.

While the ceremony is in place, all cameras are disabled for multiple reasons. This allows us to help save the energy connection, preserve the sacredness and divinity of the space we create, and allows people to focus on the energy around them, instead of being distracted by what Victoria is doing.